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Have you ever considered the unforetold possibilities of having the world’s top marketing guru, Jay Abraham, take the time to consult you on a project you are doing, plus your business in some way, or give his profound advice to you on how to market yourself for maximum exposure?! Think thousands if not millions of dollars more in revenue coming in after Jay takes a look at whatever it is that you are involved in and starts to give his expert advice!

If you have a company or a skill that can support the project that I am about to tell you about, read on. This could be your Law of Attraction moment where you could be one of the lucky few that could win a consultation with Jay!

Let me give you a little history….

A few months back I was in Miami giving The Passion Test to 200 homeless women in transition. After my incredibly well received program, I had dinner with one of the organizers, Colleen Adams, the head of events for Perry Ellis. During our dinner Colleen turned to me and said, “Janet, my passion is helping youth in detention centers. If we don’t take care of these youth now, they will be the next homeless in 20 years.”

“I’d love to help you with this Colleen. Let’s talk some more about it when I get come back from my next speaking engagements in Toronto,” I said.

One day later, I was in Toronto and Nicole McCance, one of the organizers of one of the events I was speaking at called me up and said, “Janet, 4 of my friends and I would love to take you to dinner tonight. We have something so “out of the box” to share with you. We think you will really like it, will you come?”

I had had lots of conversations with Nicole prior to coming to Toronto, and I always loved talking with her. Inevitably, the conversation would always end with something we would laugh about. Not being one to pass up a great dinner with a group of what I sensed would be fun people, I immediately said yes!

While at dinner, Nicole introduced me to her friends, Ali, Kristian, Christy and Shaw. The light in these young eyes (I consider late 20’s and early 30’s young compared to my super youthful agelessness of 50+) spoke to me excitedly about their passion to cycle across the United States in July, starting in Los Angeles and ending in New York and passing out The Passion Test book to youth along the way.

“Ali and I already did this in Canada last year and it was really successful,” said Kristian.

“I love this!” I said. “And, let me sit with it, I have a feeling there is something even more that will make this a really newsworthy and BIG event.”

The next morning I turned on my computer and the first new email that popped up on my computer screen was from Colleen, the woman who I had met a couple of days earlier in Miami.

In the body of the email were just 7 words…”Don’t forget the youth in detention centers.”

“That’s it!” I thought excitedly. “Oh, my God, that is it!”

Hardly able to contain my excitement, I immediately called Colleen and told her about Nicole and her team and the wonderful program that was about to be launched. As expected, Colleen let out a big screech of happiness over the phone.

“Can you get these kids set up in youth detention centers to give The Passion Test? I will have them come to San Francisco to take The Passion Test certification program so that they will be really skilled when they facilitate the test to the kids,” I said.

“No problem,” Colleen said.

Once I got off the phone, I called Nicole and the others. We were all so elated that none of us could stand to get off the phone!

The birth of “Unleash America’s Passion” had just been born! www.unleashamericaspassion.com

Since then the “Unleash Team” has been gathering all types of support and Jay Abraham, is one of the most enthusiastic. In overly generous Jay style, Jay said he would donate a number of consultations to anyone we thought could plus our project. Hence this contest.

So here’s the bottom line. We are looking for the following companies or individuals who have expertise in the following areas… marketing and PR, advertising, sponsorship, and anything else you think will that will help this project reach millions of people across America.

So here’s how to win a free consultation with Jay…

Send an email to Colleen Adams c.adams@pery.com

Here’s what to include:

  1. Your contact information
  2. A description of what you can offer that will help this project reach millions

Please submit your submissions no later than April 30th, 2007.

May the games begin!

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