The great poet Rumi once said, Passion burns down every branch of exhaustion. Passion is the supreme elixir and renews all things. Let divine passion triumph and rebirth you in yourself. Both Reverend Michael Beckwith and Stephen Lewis have lived their lives in the truth of Rumi’s poem with their every breath. They are best friends and partners on the path to giving expression to divine passion.

Stephen Lewis is the author of the book Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness, and the developer of the AIM Program, an energy-balancing program that has assisted more than 40,000 people worldwide in healing their life.

Reverend Michael Beckwith is head of the Agape International Spiritual Center. Agape’s active teaching and practice of spirituality has expanded into a trans-denominational movement and community of 9,000 local members and one million friends worldwide.

Reverend Michael was featured in the movie and book phenomenon The Secret, and has been a guest twice on Oprah, as well as on Larry King Live and other national media. He and Stephen both believe and anything can be healed. 

JANET ATTWOOD: Stephen and Michael, are you with us?

STEPHEN LEWIS: Yes. I am, as you know. Rev, are you on?

JANET ATTWOOD: There you have it. Stephen, what we are going to do is this. Chris, if you’ll give Michael a call, I will go ahead. Stephen, we’ll just start, and I know Michael will be with us at any moment. It might be that there were so many people on the call he couldn’t get on. This has happened before. We are going to start. Is that okay with you?

STEPHEN LEWIS: Of course, yes.

JANET ATTWOOD: If you would first share with us your passions, the things that mean most to you in your life, and how they have led to the work that you are doing today?

STEPHEN LEWIS: Someday, I’m going to be asked what I think is a simple question. Simplicity is the last refuge of the truly complex, as you know, Janet. It began for me when I was a kid. My mom always used to say, Son, do what you’ve got to do quickly, because we don’t do well, we don’t live long, which is not, I think, the best parenting in the world.

What it did was forge some kind of a template in me, and something in me understood that I had to understand about healing. That became a passion with me. It became a passion only when I understood that I cannot just focus on healing me. If I have to have this kind of blessing, I’ve got to focus on healing for everyone, for all of us. There was this poet, W.H. Auden, who once wrote, For the error bred in the bone…craves what it cannot have, not universal love, but to be loved alone.

I think that this passion of mine was just a vehicle, and it’s ongoing forever to lead me toward universal love. Healing and love and consciousness are inseparable. I’m not a kid, and yet I was going to retire at one point. I got a very clear-cut message, It ain’t going to happen. This is my life, and I’m here to share the blessing I’ve been given.

JANET ATTWOOD: That is so beautiful.

STEPHEN LEWIS: We are all in the same boat, aren’t we?

JANET ATTWOOD: We are all in the same boat. I would absolutely say that I can’t think of anyone who’s not.

STEPHEN LEWIS: I can’t think of anyone who’s not, but I can think of a lot of people who don’t realize it yet. That’s why we are messengers.

JANET ATTWOOD: Not in my circle. Stephen, if we are made of energy and we know who we are, can we alter that energy first to inner consciousness? If we can-because I think we can-what happens when we do?


JANET ATTWOOD: Is that Michael? I’ve got a question for you. We are going to back up, Stephen. Is that okay?

STEPHEN LEWIS: You bet. Rev, how are you doing?

MICHAEL BECKWITH: How are you doing?

JANET ATTWOOD: We are so glad you are here. You missed a big, gigantic plug too, Michael. I just said if you want to go to a rock’em-sock’em wonderful experience, you have to go to Agape on Sunday morning.

MICHAEL BECKWITH: They’ve got to go to Agape; they’ve got to come to our Revelation Conference, too. That’s true. You are right. It’s absolutely true.

JANET ATTWOOD: Everyone, for Revelation, I’ll give you the link to Michael and Revelation Conference later on in the call. Is that okay, Michael?


JANET ATTWOOD: I had just asked Stephen if he could share with us how his passions, the things that mean most to him in his life, have led him to the work that he does today. I’d like to ask you the same question before we go onto another question with Stephen.

MICHAEL BECKWITH: The question is?

JANET ATTWOOD: Could you share with us how your passions, the things that mean most to you in your life, have led you to the work that you are doing today?


STEPHEN LEWIS: That’s what I said.

MICHAEL BECKWITH: How have my passions led me? I think that my passion, since I was a kid, has somehow or another been subconsciously imprinted that I was to be of service somewhere on this planet for the betterment of humanity. I think that unconscious drive within me instilled by my parents, combined with my spiritual opening that I had years ago, has led me to the kind of work that I am doing.

This in terms of teaching, speaking, writing, et cetera, and developing the community that I think looks like the next stage of human evolution, the kind of diversity, richness, and opportunities for people to work together and know each other in a rich field. I think it’s just my passion for life, for people, and for love that has allowed me to be instrumental in development of an intentional community.

JANET ATTWOOD: Thank you, Michael. Stephen, back to you on that question that I’d asked you just a few minutes ago. If we are made of energy and we know we are, can we alter that energy first in our consciousness, and if so, what happens when we do?

STEPHEN LEWIS: Can we alter it? We must alter it in our consciousness. There is no other way. The physical world, in terms of causality, is not a stimulus; it’s a response. It’s a response to consciousness. That’s all that creates the physical world, for better or for worse. What happens when you change your consciousness, when you do it by virtue of your insight, your revelation, your satori, when you do it with the help of someone?

However you do it, when you change your consciousness your DNA tags along like the little kid tags along. That’s your physical world. Life begins and flourishes in your consciousness. You do not change other than by virtue of consciousness. You say we are all made of energy. Sure we are, but there is nothing you can say about energy. It doesn’t have any property whatsoever; it just is.

It doesn’t have any time, it doesn’t have any space, it doesn’t have a thing; it’s just hanging out. What makes energy manifest and physical is consciousness. Your consciousness, mine, and our collective consciousness create the world we live in.

JANET ATTWOOD: You have made your life’s work the study of energy. Can you tell us what the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing is?

STEPHEN LEWIS: Yes. I said I wanted to know about healing, and I understood little by little that there was a technology to healing. My brother, Michael, helped me understand, which I didn’t understand, that it is a spiritual technology. There was a time when that would have been considered a contradiction in terms. The AIM Program is a spiritual technology.

It’s a holographic program. In other words, something that is your hologram is anything unique to you. We take your hologram and, no matter where you are as you see yourself, we compel you to focus on healing whatever imbalances you have in your consciousness. When you have an imbalance, it does not matter what it is, Janet, because there’s nothing that can’t be healed, nothing.

There are things that can’t be treated, but nothing exists that can’t be healed. Once you remove a negative frequency, an imbalance, from your consciousness, your body doesn’t have a hope and a prayer of supporting it. It cannot exist inside you if it’s gone from your consciousness. That’s what our program does.

JANET ATTWOOD: You said something really interesting. You said there are things that can’t be treated, but nothing can’t be healed.

STEPHEN LEWIS: Absolutely, there’s nothing that can’t be healed. You can read about it anywhere. It’s always been the case. You read about it in tabloids, you can read about it in the New England Journal of Medicine. They publish articles about a totally inexplicable spontaneous remission, and this and that. It’s called healing. It happens all the time.

I knew there must be a technology to it. I didn’t know that it was a fusion, it was a spiritual technology. Michael is the one who opened my eyes to that, the thing that I thought was science and wondered about it. That’s why we work together so often.

JANET ATTWOOD: For people who are listening, one of the things you also said was you take the hologram of the individual, and they are compelled to heal. I think I said that right. There might be people who aren’t familiar with a hologram. Can you explain this one a little bit further?

STEPHEN LEWIS: I can explain it, probably, at just about any level. I’m not talking about running a laser through a crystal, et cetera. Anything unique to you contains everything about you. It is your hologram. That’s the lesser hologram. The greater hologram is that we are all part of humanity, of life, of the planet, so we are all one hologram. That is the essence of what’s called holographic theory and quantum mechanics.

At the same time, how new is that? How different is that from Buddha speaking of being in the oneness, or Jesus Christ saying, What you do to the least of mine, you do to me. The hologram is anything unique to you and contains everything about you. If I have a lock of your hair-and I don’t care if you bleach, dye it, or whatever; it doesn’t matter-or a drop of blood or your picture, I have access to every single thing in the world about you, everything. That’s your hologram. By the way, it’s not about DNA.
The mythology of things like the Shroud of Turin is real. It became the hologram of Jesus Christ because it was unique to him. As such, people noticed extraordinary properties about it. It’s not about DNA. We have that, and we have frequencies, and this is part of our technology. You know what you must heal. You know about everything you must heal. You may not know about it well enough to speak about it, but there is nothing you don’t know.
You select in the order you need to what you need to heal; the most recent things first-something you acquired today, yesterday, at a party last night-down to the oldest hereditary imbalance you have. You select them and you heal them. Heal them to the extent that if you inherited heart disease, cancer, or this or that-and ‘inherited’ is not a very clear-cut word because things run in families; that’s part of what Michael taught me-you choose everything that’s hereditary.
You choose each thing you inherit from each parent. Once you heal them, if you would have a child and if you had hereditary cancer, it wouldn’t be in you to pass onto your child. It could be the heart disease or anything; there is nothing you cannot heal. Once you remove that frequency from your consciousness, it can no longer manifest in your physical world. Michael and I have worked on that together.
JANET ATTWOOD: Michael, you first learned about the AIM Program by reading the book Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness. What was your first reaction to the book?
MICHAEL BECKWITH: I was on my way home from Africa a number of years ago, and I’d just been with some shamans in the jungle doing some very powerful things. I was in a very expanded awareness. On the way home, I read the book from cover to cover. By the time I landed in Los Angeles, I knew about this. I knew what he was doing. I knew as best as I could intuitively about the technology.

I called it a spiritually homeopathy, in which he was using frequencies to transmute or detox a disease frequency within the body temple. The book impacted me; it was like I got a download, not just through the book, but it was like I met Stephen. I met him and his technology. I went to his office. I remember different people had come up to me for a while saying, You have to meet Stephen Lewis.

Taj Mahal, who comes to Agape, had told me he had some benefit, as had his girlfriend. Different people who I know and respect were telling me about their work with Stephen and that I should meet him. At the time this hadn’t come about. As soon as I landed I knew I had to meet him. Through some kind of way, we had a mutual relationship. I think it Clarence’s wife, who had also been talking to me about him.

I finally went to see him in his office, and when I walked into his office and he stood up and we shook hands, it was like I re-met Stephen. I knew Stephen already. Even though this was my first time, it was like we met again. It was my first time meeting him in this incarnation, but after five minutes we were like old buddies. He explained to me how it worked; I explained it back to him, and he said something very fascinating to me.

He said, You are the first person to ever come in here and actually understand the program. I said, I understand. I read the book; I understood it. I understood what was going on. It was totally believable. It was totally within my paradigm. It wasn’t a stretch. Once you understand prayer and you understand the holographic understanding that everyone, as he was saying, is a hologram-everyone carries the whole of the whole-then you can understand how this works.

What he had done, in his genius, is he was able to take the technology of prayer and healing and actually put it in technology. It would only boost any other work that one was doing on a spiritual level. I was able to ‘grock’ it very fast.

JANET ATTWOOD: Could you explain that a little more how he was able to take prayer and healing and put it in technology? This will help our listeners put their arms around this.

MICHAEL BECKWITH: Are you asking me?


MICHAEL BECKWITH: I could break it down into my way. Stephen doesn’t deal with disease; he doesn’t even diagnose disease, actually. He has a way of taking these frequencies that would manifest as particular maladies in our body. I’ll break it down my way, and then Stephen can correct me. He has a way of taking a frequency; everything is vibration and everything is energy, as we’ve talked about.

Nothing has distance or time or space to it. His technology can, via your picture, take the frequency that is an antidote or the opposite, and detox the other frequency out of your matrix. It’s like a homeopic vibration. Just as with prayer, if I sit and I pray for you, Janet, and I continue to know the truth about you, I would say there is really nothing to heal in you.

There is something to be revealed; there’s a pattern of perfection already there. It is covered up by something. If I spend enough time speaking the word and holding the space for you, then that which is inhibiting your perfect pattern from emerging would begin to detox out of you, begin to dissolve, begin to transmute. What would be left would be the pattern that is already there.

Stephen is able to amplify this and magnify this through technological means. The difference is it is happening all the time. It’s not like if somebody prays for you they may stop praying in five minutes, but this thing is going on all the time. It’s a tremendous boost.

JANET ATTWOOD: Thank you. That was beautiful. Stephen, you make a clear distinction between healing and curing in the book. What is the difference, and why is the difference important?

STEPHEN LEWIS: It’s fundamental. To begin with, when you speak about curing, it’s going from the outside in, something done to you. Something on the outside will poison something within you, it will burn it out of you, or it will excise it with a knife. That’s curing. It is coming from the outside. Healing occurs from inside and comes out. When something is deep within you, as you heal it it comes to the surface and you feel it.

You can feel it coming to the surface. That is what healing is. Healing occurs, once again-I hate to be redundant, but it’s my destiny, I think-in consciousness. When you heal something in consciousness it can no longer live within your body. Your body is just a reflection; it is not a cause. Your consciousness is the cause of it all. That’s the fundamental difference.

You can speak of disease, but disease is simply the manifestation of a lack of consciousness. Once something becomes conscious within you, you can and will heal it. Healing has occurred long before the AIM Program, I, or anyone else here on this planet right now existed, in this form at least. Healing is universal; it has always happened. It happens within consciousness.

The best understanding is if you have something in your life, whenever it was-if you believe in past lives, as I do-let’s say five or six ‘Janets’ ago, that you cannot possibly deal with, whether it’s a sense of shame or fear or whatever, you’ve got two things to do to get away from it. First, you’ve got to make sure no one else can see it; that’s important, right?

JANET ATTWOOD: It depends on what moment you are asking.

STEPHEN LEWIS: Then you’ve got to take it one step further. You’ve got to make sure you can’t see it. Now you’ve got it completely covered, except for one minor problem. It’s still there. You will not feel whatever this is, but it will then manifest instead in a physical realm. That consciousness created a physical expression of it. It is going to be there. You heal it by making it conscious.

I had an incredible experience with Michael Beckwith; I think you’ll cover it eventually with one of your questions about that. I’ll never forget that day; it was the day that Michael Beckwith called me ‘linear’, which is not a nice thing to call an subtle energy physicist.

JANET ATTWOOD: I wanted to ask you, because I did want to go to that, about what you said earlier. How did Michael’s work in spirituality assist you in your work with energy and balancing frequencies?

STEPHEN LEWIS: My inclination was to make the miracle that I somehow have been chosen to maintain, chosen to be the caretaker of, fit within my world, my world of quantum mechanics and mathematics. It wasn’t a good fit. Michael helped me understand that there is no distinction between quantum mechanics, mathematics and spirituality. If you go to his book store at Agape you could have a totally equipped physics library. I know that; I’ve been there many times. It’s true. You know that, Michael.

MICHAEL BECKWITH: Physics is just another language for spirituality. Quantum physics, quantum mechanics, is just another language, a way of describing the unified field, which we call spirit. It’s not a big leap back and forth if you can speak more than one language.

STEPHEN LEWIS: I think physics and mathematics are a kind of inferior language because nobody can talk them.


STEPHEN LEWIS: If you want to get down to it, Janet, I can give you a statement in my chosen language, which was quantum mechanics. You would look at me, and it’s not going to make a bit of sense. On the other hand, if I speak about the holographic principle and this and that, and I start bringing up lasers and everything else, then someone says, Buddha spoke about being in the oneness, and we are all the oneness, I don’t see where we’ve improved upon that concept dramatically. Do you?

JANET ATTWOOD: Absolutely not. No.

STEPHEN LEWIS: That gets back to how Michael and I interact. How did he help me? That’s exactly how. I didn’t understand. I tried to make it fit in the world I knew best, and it didn’t fit very well.

JANET ATTWOOD: You both worked together, and then, Stephen, you found many cancer frequencies and their link to emotional frequencies. For example, you found the link between the frequency of bitterness and the frequency of cancer. Can you explain how you discovered this process and any other links that you discovered?

STEPHEN LEWIS: Yes, I can. It happened with Michael. By the way, you’d be glad to know, Michael, I’m no longer bitter about you calling me ‘linear’.

MICHAEL BECKWITH: Is that because you cleaned up your bitterness, or because you cleaned up your cancer?

STEPHEN LEWIS: Yes, just recently, as a matter of fact. What happened was I was looking at the holograms of all the kids in Michael’s family.


STEPHEN LEWIS: There are a lot of little Beckwiths, lots. For one little boy, I think he was six years old, I said, He has the frequency of both hereditary and active cancer, malignancy. Michael asked me where that came from-and forgive the dangling preposition-and I told him which parent. He said, Steve, don’t be so linear. I’ve forgiven him. He said, I know my family, but there is something you will never prove mathematically, and this is where it is going to fail you.

My nephew chose his parents; he chose them for a purpose, because everything has a reason. That’s just more of an insult because I’m also supposed to be saying that. He said, I want to know why he chose this cancer frequency. We looked, and I said, I can look for the etiological factors, causal factors. It was unresolved, unconscious, previously existent bitterness. I said to him, Wow! You’ve got a weird family, Michael, because this kid is six years old and he’s bitter.

I wasn’t bitter at all until I was at least eight, nine, maybe even 10. He said, Let’s take a look at some other people. That’s pretty easy because 92% of the world has the frequency of hereditary cancer. It’s just not a rare thing, as you know, Janet. When I looked, in everyone it was unresolved, unconscious, past-life bitterness. Michael then said, Can we take this bitterness and shove it right in my nephew’s face?

That means in anybody’s face who has the frequency of cancer. I bonded these frequencies together in the AIM Program in the computers and just made it come right to the surface, and the phones went crazy. People said, Why am I so bitter? Why do I feel so bitter? I, of course, said, You feel bitter because you are bitter, and now you know it. Isn’t that a bonus? It’s a beautiful thing. Nobody thought it was beautiful except for me and Michael.

We’ve got a history, but then it got more interesting because what happened was the time it took people to heal their cancer frequencies was just incredibly shortened, because it was the bitterness that created the cancer and not vice versa. Then we began to work on every other disease that same way. We hung out all the time anyway.

MICHAEL BECKWITH: One time, he tapped into the field of unconditional love, the vibration. He came to Agape one time when I was speaking. In some kind of way, and he’ll have to explain how he did it, he got the frequency of unconditional love and put that one there. The people started having grand mal seizures of love for no reason. This feeling of love in life and becoming available to that kind of energetic flowing through them is very powerful.

JANET ATTWOOD: I don’t think that ever went away from Agape, did it? It seems to always be there, Michael.

MICHAEL BECKWITH: I’m not talking about at Agape. This is for people on the tray. I was already giving him a dose of that, and he was able to bottle it and put it on the tray.

STEPHEN LEWIS: That was part of it. We still hang out all the time. He and I always have a long talk. Michael and I would talk about what the impact is of something like gratitude. Then he said, Can we help induce perpetual gratitude? I found a frequency. When I find a frequency, the fact that I find it means nothing if no one is choosing it. I’ve got to begin by saying, Is anyone choosing this frequency?

If you have the frequency of active or hereditary cancer, you will choose it. You will choose it to detox, get rid of. That’s called survival. Not everyone would choose the frequency of perpetual gratitude. I had to look and see who would choose it. Why would they choose it, and why would others not? For every answer I got, I had 20 more questions. It can drive you crazy until you realize that there is no such thing as an end. You are always just beginning.
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