I first met Vinita Rashinkar at an Ayurvedic Spa in Mysore. We immediately became good friends and would share with one another all of the latest goings on in our lives. At the time of our first meeting, Vinita took me into her confidence and told me that she had been approached by a private company that wanted to hire her to build and run a Balinese style spa in Mysore.

"A Balinese spa? In Mysore? Home of Ayurvedic Spa's??? I don't know, Vinita, it seems a little risky to me!"

No matter what practical advice myself, her family and all of Vinita's friends would give about the pitfalls of this new spa idea, Vinita couldn't and wouldn't be swayed!

One day, as we were traveling on the train together from Mysore to Bangalore, I gave Vinita The Passion Test www.mypassiontest.com Sure enough, building and running a spa was at the top of her list of passions. Once I saw that, I let out a sigh of relief and knew that it was just a matter of time when Vinita's dream spa would be a reality.

When I returned to the U.S. Vinita kept in touch, calling and telling me all of the stories of her new venture. At the end of every conversation she would always invite me to be a guest at her new spa.

"You'll love it, Janet!" she would say over the phone. I could almost hear the sound of her infectious smile.

Finally, after talking back and forth for almost 6 months, I flew back to India to complete the documentary that I had been working on. As soon as I returned to India, I called Vinita and said I would definitely stay at her spa as soon as I arrived in Mysore.

I had no idea of the surprise I was in for, even though Vinita had tried her best to prepare me for the incredible beauty that this quaint spa had.

Driving up I immediately felt an inner calm. The palm trees were gently swaying and the beautiful cottages were in a Balinese style, surrounded by green palms and beautiful flowers everywhere.

The concierge took my bags and walked me past a beautiful garden to my room.

"Oh Wow, I am impressed!" I exclaimed, as the concierge smiled and opened my door.

My room was exquisitely decorated. In the middle of the room was the most beautiful canopy bed that I had ever seen. Laying on my pillow was a fresh orchid and a wonderful welcome gift of bottled mineral water.

My bathroom had an outdoor private veranda with an outdoor shower.

I had to pinch myself to remind me that I was still in India! Had I not known where I was, I would have thought I was on some tropical island.

I pulled the curtains and opened my doors to a beautiful mirrored pool and luscious landscaped grounds and my own dip pool and private courtyard.

"This is for me! " I happily exclaimed to the smiling concierge.

He then proceeded to show me how to work my dvd player, access the latest movies and use the internet.

"If you are hungry, madam, room service is available".

Oh I love my job, I thought!

I hadn't been in my room for more than 30 minutes when my phone rang. "Your massage is scheduled madam-please come now".

Have you ever had a "Chocolate Indulgence Massage?"

Nope…me either…. At least not until I was at Vinitas spa!

Covered in chocolate and sweet almond oil by two female masseurs, soft Indian music playing in the background, I fell into a dreamy sleep.

When I awoke they had prepared a warm hydrotherapy bath with ayurvedic oils for me to soak in. I was amazed at how incredibly soft my skin felt after I was done.

The staff, the rooms, the beautiful surrounding environment and the lovely spa treatments truly make for a memorable stay at Vinita's beautiful Balinese Spa in Mysore. When you arrive there, don't forget to give Vinita a huge hug from me!

Oh and one more thing… Mysore is known for its exquisite sandlewood creations, yoga, and home of 3 of my favorite Indian Saints.
For my kind of traveling needs, it doesn't get any better than this!!!

For more information on The Windflower Spa and Resort go to www.nivalink.com/windflower/index.html

Janet Attwood




“Out beyond right doing or wrong doing there is a field, I’ll meet you there”….Rumi

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