Have you been feeling uneasy, anxious or perplexed by the unprecedented changes happening in today's society? Well, you are not alone. In fact, society has been moving so fast it has been difficult for most of us to keep up.

Just as many people are coming to terms with the idea that we are living in an 'Information Age', we are now thrown a curve ball with our society moving ever quicker into the 'Conceptual Age' (a term coined by Daniel Pink, author of the new book, A Whole New Mind: Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age). The result? A society with a growing sense of restlessness and uncertainty as to what is going to happen next and a populace looking for answers on how to handle all of this new found change.

Add to that, a mounting desire to find a greater purpose beyond day-to-day existence and a need to create balance within stress-filled lives, and life coaching is no longer an option. In fact, according to Daniel Pink, life coaching has become one of the quintessential professions of this new era.

The Sports Industry has long known how a good coach can enhance an athlete's performance. Businesses have realized how coaching can increase their employees efficiency and effectiveness and impact their bottom-line. It is now time for individuals to work with a life-coach to make sense of this new world and to assist in creating the kind of life they truly want to live.

A life coach can help you:

  • Feel better emotionally, physically and spiritually
  • Gain clarity and direction
  • Make decisions more effectively
  • Deal with conflict with finesse and grace
  • Develop satisfying relationships
  • Find a life partner
  • Create a strong network of friends, family and colleagues
  • Get organized
  • Eliminate tolerations
  • Create balance between your work and home-life
  • Discover your core values, life mission, and purpose
  • Make and keep more money
  • Reduce stress
  • Handle problems proactively

If you have not yet invested in a coach what are you waiting for? Coaching is here to stay, and in fact is predicted to be one of the top ten professions within this new Era. Just as Tiger Woods or a top CEO needs a coach to keep them on top of their 'game', if you want to stay up with the times and be on the top of yours, work with a coach. As Daniel Pink says, "If I could invest in professions, I'd be very bullish on coaches."

Put yourself First! If not now…when?

Cheri Baumann, Life Strategist, Personal Development Coach & trainer with My Private Coach, Personus Coaching & Training, and the University of British Columbia. Her mission is to help people create vibrant, happy and authentic lives. Her coaching style is quiet, with an intuitive strength that promotes self-discovery and positive change in an accepting and playful atmosphere.


You can get more information about Cheri at www.MyPrivateCoach.com/cbaumann and contact her for a complimentary coaching session at either cheri@myprivatecoach.com
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