idontwanttoexerciseIf I only worked out when I was in the mood, I would exercise about 5 times a year.  Just because I am a health &  fitness coach does not mean  that I enjoy exercising. I have a “Love/Hate” relationship with exercise: I hate starting a workout but I love to finish it. I normally face a volley of attacks from my Excuse Monster every day I am supposed to exercise. How do I fight off the Excuse Monster? I create motivation.

Many people mistakenly think that motivation is a magic emotion that causes us to have a desire to do things we don’t want to do. That’s not what it is. Motivation means you have a motive….or reason for doing something. Just because I do not like working out does not mean that I allow myself to get off the hook with a couple of lame excuses. I take a moment to think about my motives…or reasons that I should work out.

First off, I like being lean way more than I like being fat. I was once 35 pounds overweight and quite out of shape. My belly was so big that I was afraid to walk into a dark room because I thought there would be a surprise baby shower for me. Thanks to exercise and proper nutrition, I lost 7 inches of fat from around my tummy. It is nice being able to walk around the pool without sucking in my gut.

Second, I love the way exercise makes me feel more than I actually hate doing the workouts. I have more energy to do things I like such as hiking and wrestling with my 5 year old son. My mood has improved, which makes life much more enjoyable. I used to feel like I was walking through quicksand. Now I feel healthy and vibrant.

Third, I am adding quality years to my life. I enjoy being a husband and father. I love traveling and seeing new places. I have even found some workouts that I kind of enjoy. The more healthy and fit I am, the longer I can live….and the more I can do physical activities I enjoy doing. I am moving out west next summer and can’t wait to go hiking in the mountains and desert. Being fit and healthy will make the experience that much better.

The more reasons you have to exercise, the better. The only way to consistently defeat the Excuse Monster is to create your own sense of purpose and reasons how exercise can benefit you and improve you life. Find your motive, and motivation will come. I still fall victim to the Excuse Monster, but more often than not, I whip him with my own long list of motives.

Need help slaying your own Excuse Monster?

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by SGT Steve

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