In my book, The Passion Test, I spoke about a beautiful Saint named Nani Ma who I met on the banks of the Ganges in Uttarkashi, India, who had been born in England and has spent the last 30 years devoted to spiritual practice and learning high in the Himalayas.

I was thrilled when I recently received a letter from her and touched by the depth of her vision and her compassion for the plight of the rising numbers of people suffering from terminal cancer in India and around the world.

She shared with me how difficult it is for poor Indians and their families who can no longer be served by hospitals. Faced with the last days of their lives they are sent home to inadequate conditions and grieving family members who have no idea how to support them in their final days. Their last days on earth become days of fear, pain and suffering.

Nani Ma wrote, "There is a steady rise of new cancer cases throughout the world but in India there has not been a corresponding rise in cancer facilities. The most neglected area in cancer care is care for terminally ill patients. The concept of hospice has not yet properly evolved in India and is almost unknown in the North. When a patient reaches the terminal stage there is no longer any room for him in the already over crowded cancer hospitals. As there is also little provision for home care, the nursing of terminal patients is difficult for everyone. For poor people the situation in really terrible. They rarely have the money, the space or the ability to nurse a patient at home. The result is that many cancer patients are dying in pain and without dignity".

Nani Ma shared with me her vision for a hospice built in the Himalayan Mountains overlooking the holy Ganges River. As I read her letter I could see it so clearly…..

Imagine the last days of your life spent high in the beautiful Himalayan Mountains where the air is so pure that Yogi's come from all over India to enjoy the deep penetrating silence that these majestic mountains offer. Each day is spent in deep meditation and spiritual study, with spiritual counseling and loving assistance by a dedicated group of doctors and spiritual friends who are deeply committed to your comfort and well being as you make the transition of leaving your physical body.

Nani Ma's beautiful vision for Ganga Prem Hospice is ready to be materialized. All that is required is the financial support from those spiritually loving and compassionate people from around the world who are prepared to step forward and create the means for people throughout northern India suffering terminal illness to make a comfortable and spiritually enriching transition.

When I think of making my own transition I can't imagine a more perfect setting. To be able to spend one's last days on the banks of Mother Ganges, absorbed in the knowledge of the Divine, surrounded by spiritually evolved souls, whose hearts are open wide and who have been trained to support people in an atmosphere of supreme dignity. This is a gift of grace to be truly thankful for.

These days, Ganga Prem seems to be all Nani Ma speaks of when we talk.

Nani Ma lives in a house that only has one very small room. In that small room are a few pictures of her Master, her sleeping mat on the floor, her prayer rug for meditation, and, of course, her beloved spiritual books. She wears no make-up, no jewelry, and has 3 or 4 white cotton saris that she wears. With so little material wealth, Nani Ma is probably the wealthiest, most happy, kind and loving soul I have ever had the honor to meet.

I have known Nani Ma for many years and in all of my visits never once has she asked me for anything. Whenever I am with her, everything she has she offers to me with an open heart.

In her last letter to me I was saddened when Nani Ma mentioned that "sometimes this body is not so well".

It is my prayer that those reading these words will join with me in contributing to Ganga Prem so that Nani Ma's selfless dream may become a living reality before her own passing. I can think of no greater gift to give to one who's every breadth is "what more can I give?"

$130,000.00 is all that is needed in India for building Ganga Prem. If you would like to help in making this glorious possibility a reality, please send your check or draft to:



PO BOX 1735,


Or make a direct money transfer to







For more information about Ganga Prem you can email or call to:

Dr. Dewan at email info@gangapremhospice
phone (0091) 09891988243

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