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Who would’ve thought that Las Vegas would ever be called “cosmic?”

Well, thanks to Carol Ostrum, Las Vegas is about to be cosmitized!  Look out Las Vegas, the New Age has descended!

When I mentioned to Carol that I was surprised that she had chosen Las Vegas as the venue for her holistic fair, she told me that Las Vegas and the State of Nevada’s population had been growing and that a lot of people who have been moving there in the last years are “very sensitive to different vibrations.”  She told me that when she moved there she was surprised to find that there was this amazing community of people that are holistically and spiritually minded who were beginning to congeal and come together as a collective force.  Carol immediately tapped into the community for their support to make this an affair, oops, I mean “fair” to remember.

So mark your calendar for May 4th 5th and 6th to rendezvous at the Cashman Center in Las Vegas where an incredible variety of metaphysical and holistic healers from around the globe will be descending on this “city of lights” to shower all of their good vibes and energy.

Who knows, maybe after this amazing extravaganza, Las Vegas will earn the nickname “city of Light!” Anything is possible!

Carol has invited me to be come and be the main keynote to share The Passion Test.  Even though my schedule was already over scheduled with speaking engagements this year, Carol’s enthusiasm about what was going to be happening at the fair was so contagious that I immediately said yes! 

Like to be around BIG groups of like minded individuals? Here’s your opportunity! Carol said that there is expected to be around 10,000 new ager’s attending this wonderful weekend.

I’ll be presenting on Friday night and then on Saturday afternoon, Stephen Lewis, who wrote the mesmerizing book Sanctuary, will be sharing his knowledge on how to energetically balance your life by an incredible system that he has created called the “AIM program.”  I’d say that’s reason enough to attend the fair. I mean, who doesn’t need their life energetically balanced?!

And then for those parents who want to find out if they were the blessed ones to have birthed an Indigo child, Lawrence Kennedy, who works with the indigos, will speaking on Sunday. (FYI, The indigos are children that supposedly have been showing up on the planet in these last years that have a more heightened sense of awareness.)

Throughout the day there will be three to four lectures running concurrently on every metaphysical topic imaginable. Plus there will be booths set up where you can get your tarot read, your palm read, your astrology read, your aura read.  Why, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was even someone there who could read the hairs on your head!

Need any nutritional supplements to get you moving in your day?  Or what about high vibrational music to stimulate your chakras?  And, if you’re a crystal lover, be sure to bring a lot of cash, because you’ll be out of your body with all of the beautiful crystal displays that will be there.

To make it purposeful in spending all of your money bringing everyone you know to the fair, there is a discount of $1.00 for the one day ticket and $2.00 for a weekend ticket if you bring a canned food donation which will be donated to the local food bank.

How’s that for motivational sales!  I did say “new age” earlier, didn’t I?

There is still time for those people who would like to have a booth space.

I hope you’ll join me in Las Vegas in May.  When I’m not speaking, you’ll be able to find me at the booth where they read the hair on your arms!

To find out more about the Las Vegas Holistic and Metaphysical fair, go to www.lvhmf.com

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