For me, there is nothing worse than being in a career for which you feel no passion. I know many people who are stuck in a work (or no work) situation where they feel like their life has really just stopped moving. One of the great things I like about William Levacy’s new book, Beneath a Vedic Sun-Discover Your Life Purpose with Vedic Astrology, is that he uses new (to
us Westerners) career assessment guidelines from the Vedic system of India -what a wonderful addition and compliment to The Passion Test in aligning with your passion! These time-tested tips can really help point a person in the right career direction (called dharma or right action, by the Gurus of ancient India).

As you all know, I think that it is so important to feel the passion, energy, and enthusiasm that comes from being in a job that is suitable, and which brings us joy, and motivates us to keep growing. Bill aligns with this perfectly. (By the way, I have known Bill since 1971 and have used his amazing skills to help validate my career decisions for many years. It has been very helpful and prevented a lot of potential missteps along the way!

In his book, Bill explains that Vedic astrology is also big on prediction, or forecasting, and has hundreds of techniques to help us anticipate the approach of favorable (or unfavorable) periods so that we can prepare and fortify ourselves to get maximum benefits out of our time and activity. I certainly know that’s my experience with the consultations I have had with Bill. When I was the top producer for 5 years at Books Are Fun, the third largest book buyer in the U.S., I consulted with Bill on a regular basis whenever I saw that I was entering into an astrological time that wasn’t that favorable for me in term of success. Bill would then recommend an astrological remedy so that I could continue being successful even in the midst of unfavorable conditions.

In Beneath a Vedic Sun, we get many tips on finding a job that is suitable to our disposition (according to the Vedic astrology
assessment guidance given in the book). We also learn a few neat things about how to get along with others (in and out of work). I really enjoyed taking the Ayurvedic quiz in his book to see what my body type was. I’m a self-directed
pitta who sees possibilities and takes quick action!

To top it off, Bill even tells us how to use the principles of Vastu, India’s science of space (a relative of Feng Shui) to arrange our office area for maximum effectiveness at work – even to the point of giving a diagram which tells how to lay out our desk top in accordance with the right energies of nature. How wonderful is that?!

You know nothing about astrology? No problem! Bill has also tried to make his new book accessible for readers who are and are not familiar with astrology. I would say that more than half to three quarters of the book can be read and be very useful without having any experience with astrology. However, if you are a student of astrology, Vedic (Eastern) or Western, this
book really goes into some new stuff about what career types are indicated by the various astrological factors.

For knowledge hounds, the amount of wisdom in this book is really amazing, reflecting Bill’s many years experience as a Vedic Astrologer (he’s done over 11,000 readings!), meditation teacher, M.A. educator, and business consultant in the aerospace industry. To top it off, this item is worth the price of the book alone, you get a CD enclosed with the book (not a
mail-in!) that contains a limited edition working copy of Parashara’s Light Vedic astrology software. IBM’ers can actually calculate their chart on the screen and look up the meanings in the book (Mac users can get a version too, for a nominal fee as listed on the developer’s website). Cool!

I would say that the simple, clear writing, the light touch of humor, the wonderful amount of Vedic wisdom given, and the down-to-earth knowledge derived from two decades of hands-on experience make Beneath a Vedic Sun the next best thing to having Bill interpret your chart for you!

You can find out more about what Bill does by visiting his website at His book is available from the publisher at, or or from most major book sellers. Go get it now!

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