Oh Boy….Another incredible seminar that I get to turn you all on to! Last weekend I was invited along with Dr. Barbara De Angelis to speak at a B.E.S.T. seminar.

All I knew about the seminar was that a good friend of mine, Dr. Sue Morter, and her family of chiropractors put them on. Sue had called me a few months earlier and asked if I wanted to present "The Passion Test" at one of her seminars. Knowing Sue as one of my most brilliant friends, I said "yes!" without a moment's hesitation.

Little did I know what a surprise I was in for!

It is applause to an empty stage for what seems an extended time. Then, as the applause crescendos, the man appears, enveloped by light – maybe more than just the stage light – and faces the crowd. The moment is amazingly moving to me as I stand at the back, observing the crowd and the energy in front of me. This is Dr. M. T. Morter, Jr. and we are about to experience his divine gift – the Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique – B.E.S.T.

As Dr. Morter explains it, B.E.S.T. is a physical yet non-forceful, energy balancing procedure used by the hands to re-establish the full healing potential of the body suing its natural healing abilities.

As the weekend seminar continues, I realize the true legacy of this man is more than his healing technique. It is, in fact, the gifted and powerful offspring he has produced. They get it. They really get it, and so much more. Dr. Ted, Dr. Tom and Dr. Sue Morter are all as facets of a diamond – and their combined energies create life transforming seminars – whoa!

A different part of me is moved by each of them as they take the stage – each with a powerful message.

B.E.S.T. and the whole Morter Health System is about removing the interference that separates us from the divine energy that created us. There are many ways we create this interference or separation. The Morters teach that it's the choices we make in six essential areas – what you eat and drink, how you exercise and rest, what and how you breathe, and – most important of all – what you think that creates the interference, or as Dr. Sue so accurately described it as the "gunk," the "what you think", which determines your spiritual development.

The Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique – B.E.S.T. – is a process by which high brain interference from impressions in the physical body is removed. The procedure removes the interference, caused by the stored emotional patterns, by allowing the patient to consciously focus on certain feelings that have been stored in the brain as memory engrams and subsequently allowing the sub-conscious portions of the brain to update for current need rather than past experience. Once the patient's body is functioning based on current, updated need, rather than a series of past experiences, true healing can and will occur.

As Dr. M. T. Morter says, "The belief system of B.E.S.T. is that nothing external of any kind will enhance healing. This technique removes interference to allow the healing to again occur. Healing is an inside out job, done by spirit. When something comes to you, don't back off and turn away from it; face it; grab hold of it; learn from it!"

The rest of the system taught in seminars like this Homecoming I attended, are lessons on how to become more spiritually aware, thus avoiding the creation of the interference in the first place.

As I took in the constant energy of the weekend, I realized that, not so unlike a drill sergeant at a military boot camp or the head coach of a championship football team, these four Morters expected a lot from their participants. And it's that expectation that propelled everyone there to toally immerse themselves in the weekend and leave this powerful experience feeling the abundance of a more spiritual connection.

Bravo to the Morters for transforming the planet in a way that they know best! Did I say B.E.S.T.?!

As Dr. Morter stated, "To be able to realize the maximum benefit of our experience on earth, the spiritual and emotional body must be in balance."

All of our readers at Healthy Wealthy nWise know this, you hear it week after week in our Passion interviews, and yet… How many of us are truly living it?!

I love what my friend Dr. Sue Morter shared, "Once we choose the thoughts that we choose, the vibrational frequency we are dialing into, the "I am", anything that follows determines what we will attract to hold into a structure. It's determined by the vibrational resonance – by the choice. Once we decide what 'I am’ – say it's ‘I am free’ – then that creates a different shape and the energy moves through that system differently than when we say, ‘I am hurt.’ They cause the energy to mold into another shape that reflects to the center – to the core. Certain thoughts create certain emotions. We are all energy beings, compressing our energy so we can move forward and achieve contact. When we decide contact shouldn't happen, we create interference and that keeps the energy from the core from getting through."

I hope you will join me at a B.E.S.T. Life Intensive weekend sometime this year. B.E.S.T. Life Intensive is training that will clear your mind, revitalize your soul, help you to go beyond your greatest fears thus allowing you to live your most passionate you! I will be there presenting "The Passion Test" alongside the Morter's and their incredible Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique. I can tell you firsthand that the transformational knowledge you will walk away with will be etched deeply in your DNA!

For more information on B.E.S.T. Life Intensives, go to www.dynamiclifetraining.com/events.php

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