Nature is a resplendent reflection of the bounty and beauty of Soul. The cool, damp, dark fragrance of the moon, the stars at night stir our Soul from slumber. Looking into the eyes of love of a good friend, romantic partner, loved one or newborn babe; a breathtaking walk in a fertile redwood, spruce, or maple forest; the calming influence of the waves dancing upon the shore; the gleeful sounds of sea lions, dolphins, whales, wolves, owls, the bark of a dog, the purr of a cat…

Today, your Soul is calling you to awaken to who you really are and each of these examples is a glimpse into the radiant, abundant reality inside each of us.

Yet, you might ask, what is Soul? According to my friend, Lazaris, channeled by Jach Pursel, our Soul has Seven Faces. During various phases of our lives, we are connected (or disconnected) with a different aspect of our Soul. Most of us are familiar with the face called The Shadow. This is the aspect of Soul that holds all of the stuff (i.e. unfelt, stuffed emotions) we didn’t know how to deal with at the time. Did you know that we have both a Light and a Dark Shadow? How beautiful this is!

Many spiritual teachers tell us that our mission as light workers is to learn how to garner the treasures, heal and transform the dark aspects of our shadow, or lower self, to bring our Soul into the light. As we heal, we become more of who we truly are: a spark of the Love,
Light, Joy, Peace, Honesty of God/ Goddess/ All That Is.

Every day, we have the choice to evolve into this more Real Self. “Or not,” says Rannette Nicholas, founder of OIM, an international, interdenominational, interfaith intercessory prayer ministry. “Our relationship with the Spiritual Universe is our choice, part of the wonder of freewill that we have been given. How we are loved and trusted! That we are so respected for this to be our choice! We can choose each day to surpass the relationship we had yesterday or today, for there to be more love, more caring, and more intimacy with our Source, our Creator. Our Soul is fundamental to this spiritual journey of waking up.”

We each have obstacles to overcome, blockages and hurdles. In my book, Aching for Love, Giving Birth to Soul, which addresses healing the chronic pain and fatigue condition affecting 16 million Americans, called fibromyalgia. I discuss with experts how pain separates us from our very Soul, how hurt, grief, pain, shame, and loss, must all be healed so that we can become whole, evolving to be more of our potential as human spiritual beings.

Our Soul calls to us through beauty, our talents, gifts, love or through crisis and difficulty (most common), however we will listen. Whatever makes your heart resonate is an indication of what kind of connection you have with your Soul. Yet, often when a trauma happens, such as when a loved one dies, we don’t allow the healing process of the grief cycle to unfold. Instead, we close off our hearts, shut down, become numb, hold onto the shock, stuff our pain into our bodies and become sick. Illness and homelessness are clues signaling that we have temporary amnesia and are disconnecting from our Soul. The solution is to reconnect through art, music, beauty, and nature.

When we can allow ourselves to consciously identify and feel what we feel, our bodies can become a higher reflection of our Soul rather than a receptacle for all of our unfelt, and unwanted emotions.

Ask yourself these questions, without judgment as a check-in point…

Am I at peace or at war with my soul?

Do I know?

Am I allowing limiting or negative thoughts and feelings such as fear or terror, to keep me paralyzed or am I expressing the full range and repertoire of my feelings in constructive ways that are part of my growth path, my spiritual journey?

What makes my heart sing?

Am I living joyfully?

Am I being an emissary of love, healing, peace,and light?

Am I choosing to evolve, ascend and awaken to the glory of my Soul?

Psychic mediums, intuitive counselors, healers, and body psychotherapists (such as rebirthers, trauma release experts, cranial sacral therapists, Reichian, EMDR, or massage therapists) can assist us to heal our painful emotions that get stuck in the body, mind and spirit.

Psychic mediums (such as John Edward, James Van Praagh and others lesser known, such as myself), access the voices of departed loves ones, which gives our lives comfort, joy and encouragement that (1.) we are not alone, (2.) death is only a horizon, and (3.) our Soul is immortal.

Consciously choosing to evolve into the radiant, magnificent, spiritual beings we came here on Earth to be, is truly our life’s mission and destiny. As we heal ourselves, and send our new loving consciousness out into the world, we heal our planet and help shift the resonance of the world from darkness to light.

To journey on our Soul’s Path, becoming and living the high side of our personality (read about the enneagram, an ancient system of personality types, which can be accessed through the work of Helen Palmer and others), is when all becomes easy, elegant, and fun.

“I hear America singing, its varied carols, I hear,” wrote poet Walt Whitman. Let’s take the actions that will make us all we can be and then surpass this! This evolution is taking place right here, right now, and your Soul is asking you to play the part YOU came here to play. Your Soul is calling you to wake up. Are you heeding its call?

Another way to say this is, Rise and shine and give God/ Goddess/ All That Is YOUR own particular, unique Glory! The Glory of YOUR Soul!


Celia Sue Hecht is a published author, writer/editor, and publicist, who has written hundreds of articles, and secured media coverage for professional clients such as CPA’s, architects, doctors, seminar leaders and authors in local and national print, TV and radio (LA Times, NY Times, Reno Gazette Journal, SF Chronicle, NPR, ABC, CBS, NBC, and other outlets). She is co-author of five romantic travel books, a radio talk show host, a personal growth workshop and seminar leader, psychic medium and a keynote speaker in venues around the world.