Motivation is very important when it comes to pursuing your goals and fulfilling your dreams. This is especially true when it comes to pursuing a new career.

One great way to stay motivated is to set up a reward system for yourself. Rewards are fun and give you something to work towards. When it comes to setting up a reward system, here are a couple of suggestions:

At the end of each week, if you completed your entire task list, reward yourself for staying on track and following through with your plan. My weekly reward is a massage at a beauty salon near where I live. I LOVE that massage, I really feel I’ve earned it and the very thought of it inspires me as I work through my to-do list each week.

But massage may not be your thing. So work out what your thing is. It can be something as simple as treating yourself to a special dessert, or having a guilt-free soak in the tub with scented candles.

Reward yourself whenever you accomplish a milestone towards your goal. Because these milestones are crucial to achieving your overall mission, go for something a bit more elaborate than your task list reward.

You may have to stash a little money away per week to save up for this one. My milestone reward of choice is a new pair of shoes. Shallow? Oh yes, but they make me feel so happy-and rewarded. Plan for whatever your shoes are. Go shopping at the mall for a new outfit, or take an afternoon off and visit with a friend. Accomplishing an entire goal is a big deal-you deserve something nice!

Just like the last example I gave here, not every reward needs to involve money. Sometimes time to yourself can be far more precious. If funds are tight, use your creativity to think up some fun and exciting rewards that are inexpensive or don’t cost a penny. The important part of setting up a reward system is to treat yourself to something special for your hard work. You deserve it and you are worth it!

Another way to help keep yourself motivated is to post some of your favorite inspirational messages and quotes in various places. You can post them around your work area, on the bathroom mirror, on the fridge, next to your bed, and even on the sun visor of your car. Post them wherever your own personal space is. These motivational statements will come in very handy during times when you feel you are running out of steam or having a down day. We all have them.

From my own experience at creating written plans for myself and setting up goals, one of the most motivating factors for me was following through with my plan and keeping track of my progress. Each time I got to check off a task or larger goal as being completed, I felt proud and wanted to accomplish more. So stick to your plan and continue to take action-the sense of accomplishment itself will do wonders for your motivation!

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