Do you believe that statement? It is true. And it is powerful. If you are not getting the opportunity to sell your product, meet your soul mate, experience rich friendships, or come across certain events, it is because you've somehow – somewhere communicated on a subconscious basis that you don't REALLY want them. Something in your subconscious mind has not completely decided upon it.

It is possible that the goal you've set for yourself is not in your best interest at this time. If that is the case, then not having some things in your life would be a blessing – Divine intervention. It doesn't mean you stop working toward your goal. It just means you surrender the timing of the goal. You stand confident in knowing that your goal is evolving in perfect timing.

However, what you have to be completely honest about are the things you say you want, that you have complete faith are in your best interest at this time and you are working toward achieving them, YET, something is blocking you.

Something is getting in your way of achieving it.

And in your heart of hearts you know that the only thing that's keeping you form experiencing it is ____________________.

It is up to you to fill in the blank. What really is holding you back? If you believe your goal is on a Divine path, then what is keeping you from experiencing all you say you want?

In my research, I've found only three possible answers to fill in the blank.

  1. It's not what you REALLY want.
  2. There's a fear attached to attaining it.
  3. There's a feeling that you don't deserve it.

Do you know what you REALLY want? Is your dream bigger than your fear? Do you believe you are worthy of your dreams – and that God wants you to have the desires of your heart?

If you can honestly answer yes to these questions, then there is one final step you need to accept to maintain your motivation and commitment to your dream.

That one final step is: Complete Conviction!

Cultivating a deep conviction in your dream will guard you against every worldly distraction. People will not get you down.

Circumstance will not stand in your way. Situations do not impair your vision. Nothing – and I mean NOTHING – can derail a person with conviction.

When you have complete conviction you stand in complete faith knowing that you are the person to accomplish this goal. You know, without doubt, you have all you need to make it happen. You have complete and full faith that it's just a matter of time before you are living out this dream. It is done in your mind. It is accomplished.

Complete conviction is a must when accomplishing the truly grand dreams.

Success takes two ingredients: Belief and Time. The more belief you have, the less time it takes! You build your faith through a rock solid conviction. A conviction of what you know to be true, of what you know you want, and of what you know you've got to make it happen.

If you were to grade the amount of conviction you have right now, what grade would you give yourself? Is your conviction as rock solid as you need it to be?



Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

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