Once upon a time I believed everything I heard. I believed the world had to know more than I did. Whoever was up in front of a room knew more than I did. Whoever was sitting next to me knew more than I did. Everyone knew more than I did.

Along the way, I began to think: I may not have the answers, but I do have questions. And I began to think that questions were good. And I began to question all the premises I had believed in. I even started to get answers. And little by little, I started listening to myself.

For example, I had always heard that our greatest fear was that of getting up in front of a group of people and giving a talk. I went along with that until I simply couldn't any longer.

Certainly, the idea of giving a speech made my knees knock, but as I became more honest with myself, I noticed I had a greater fear, one so great I distracted myself from thinking about it. I ate candy and went to movies instead.

This was not an ungrounded fear. I was scared to death of dying. I didn't know how or when, and I didn't fully believe it, but someday I was going to die. How could that be? But, more than hearsay, there were great statistics to support this. Still it was inconceivable. But this much I knew: Giving a speech was nothing. Dying was fatal.

In my years of roaming, I began to hear a Voice greater than mine. Some would say it is my inner voice, or my Higher Self, or Consciousness, or the still small voice within. Kahlil Gibran calls it The Guest. David R. Hawkins, author of Power vs. Force, calls it the Presence. I like to call it God. And I call the messages Heavenletters™.

Maybe death is unbelievable to us because it is not true.

This is all by way to introduction to sharing the following with you:

HEAVENLETTER #1043 You Live in Eternity

God said:

You are loyal to your body, but you are not always so supportive to the self of you that is irrespective of the body.


Often, you are not only disloyal to your Self, you forget all about it. Often, in your life, you are on a mad dash to forget. You spend your time trying to forget. You are trying to forget that the body dies and, in the process, you consequently overlook that which never dies. How can you pay attention to your eternity and not recall the unforgettable death of the body, this unforgettable and unfathomable death of your body.


Death of the body is so fearsome to you that you will do almost anything to forget about it. You call death an ending when all the while it is just another step.

What are all your addictions for if not to forget this event that will come to everyone you know and everyone you don't know and to you, and to you.

Death is a blessing just as life is a blessing. That which you call life and death are no more than constituents of the physical body. You are an essence unrestricted to the physical. You are your own in- and out-of-body experience. You are the "experiencer" of that which is called life and that which is called death. You never stop experiencing. You are always the "experiencer" of your Self.


You experience life of the body and you experience death of the body. It is no big deal.


You tend to think that life is dependent upon the body, but that is only the physical life. You don't really think you are limited by the dimensions of your body, do you?


In what you call life and what you call death, you go on. You are a steady stream. You are immortal. You are forever. There never is an end to you. There is no stopping you. Eternity cannot be changed into something else.


You are on a voyage. You go in one direction, and then you go in another. Only, in the realm I speak of, there is no direction. There is no this way or that way. There is only being.


You are My being. I am the essence of you. When you pay attention to Me, you are paying attention to your Self.


It is hard for you to grasp the enormity of Who you are. You have thought of yourself as a passing thing.


Your body is a passing thing. You are not your body. Your body is not your identity. Your body is like a tin can. When you finish with it, you toss it out. This is not cause for sadness. This is cause for rejoicing.


When you graduate from high school, it is cause for celebration. From high school, you go to college. Ever upward you move.


When you graduate from the physical body, you go on to more intensive awareness of your inner being, which is all you ever were anyway. Clothes you put on are not you. They are merely clothes. Your whole physicality is nothing but clothing.


Do you think you are less without your body? It is your body that is less. You are supreme. This is what you forget and must remember.


You are an eternal Self. You are light eternal. You are a perfect flame of light. Never does the flame go out. And so, you always live high in My light.



Gloria Wendroff is a Godwriter™! In her previous life, she was a schoolteacher, career counselor and seminar-giver. She emails God's Heavenletters™ daily, gives Godwriting™ workshops, relays personal questions to God and forwards the answers, and cordially invites you to find out more about Who you are.