Yesterday, I was talking to Allan Hardman about being a non-reactive person. Being a spiritual person, I thought it was always best to be in love with life and never get upset about anything. HA! Allan got a kick out that. He said, “What if you were just a reactive person?”

That stopped me dead in my tracks. What if I was just reactive? Well, then I could stop being frustrated about being frustrated.

Revolutionary! Now, that felt peaceful.

Have you ever been upset about the results in your life or lack of results? What about being frustrated about the way you were being?

Welcome to the club. The more I study, teach and practice the Laws of Attraction, the more I think I know what to do. So how come I’m not having EVERYTHING I WANT RIGHT NOW?! Waaaaaaaaaaaa.

Okay, that’s a bit dramatic. But it feels so intense when you are doing all the right things, thinking positive thoughts and your goals and dreams aren’t coming in the time frame you want them or not at all.

What to do? Stop resisting what is so. Yes, your reality actually means nothing about who you are right now or what you will be experiencing later today. It’s just what is true in the moment. We don’t need to give it any significance.

Let me give an example. Some years back, my former partner and I bought an investment property. The plan was to add a bedroom, bath and laundry room to the existing house, along with landscaping and other improvements.

Then we would sell it and use that money to buy our dream house with a view of the water. The dream house part was supposed to happen a few months after the purchase of the investment property. So, after a year and a half of not having the construction complete on the property, I was looking at the reality of what was not happening and feeling a bit irritated; sometimes very disappointed. Guess what that got me? More irritation, disappointment and snafus on the addition. I started making it mean something about who I was. Here I was, teaching that you can have anything you want, and I was living in a house I wasn’t in love with. I knew, in my heart, this thinking would never get me anywhere.

Looking at what you don’t like or beating yourself up for the way you think will NOT serve in you in creating a fulfilling life. It won’t bring you prosperity or abundance of any kind either. Oh! And worrying and stressing on reality won’t help the situation either.

I chose to look at what the essence of the new house was. I wanted to have big dinner parties. I wanted people to come and feel cozy and enjoy spending the night. I wanted the house to feel spacious, organized and elegant. Ah…even visualizing gave me peace. So, I went right to work (or should say play!) on creating that essence right then while living in the far from dream house.

Because I followed this inspired action, I found a place of bliss. I cleaned things out. I bought things to beautify the house. I added some more flowers to the front yard. I stopped waiting for the joy to come from the new house. JOY CAN NOT WAIT. Joy is what brings you more inspiration, more love, more joy and more prosperity.

In the two weeks that followed, I had more mega big business ideas, completed more projects and received more unexpected money than I had all year prior to that! Why? Because I got happy about the now. I stopped resisting where I was. I made now feel good. I also stopped waiting until I was in the house to travel. I booked the cruise to Alaska with Abraham-Hicks.

Sometimes the realities that put a cloud over you are subtle. I did not think that my house situation was impacting the decisions I made so profoundly until I did something different. I thought the house was a mild irritation and that sometime soon it would be handled. But I was waiting. Waiting for what? Waiting for it to manifest, so that I could be really joyful. Rubbish! I got happy and I now live on a hill with a gorgeous view of the water.

What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for the relationship, baby, kids moving out, money or time? Is there anything you are irritated about? Do you think someone else is standing in the way of what you want?

Do you think something has to happen before you can have freedom?

The only thing that needs to happen is to know that it’s all about YOU! You get to decide if you have freedom now or later. You are responsible for having your life feel perfect for you. I love feeling in control. And it’s an illusion that we are not.

Blessings and abundance to you. It brings me joy to know that you are all seeking easy ways to bring peace to your life. That YOU know that you get to have a life that rocks!

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