Are you feeling overwhelmed or frustrated with your current path in life? Do you spend your days dreaming of what life would be like if you could only do what you loved to do? Are you scared to take the leap of doing what you love because of the security of your current job? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you were meant to read this article.

This past October, my colleague Charmaine Hammond and I, attended Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles” one day workshop in Calgary, Alberta as sponsors and VIPs. We are both graduates of the Canfield Coaching program and were looking forward to connecting with our mentor. We had sent a video testimonial to Jack and were hoping to have some of his undivided attention in regards to an exciting project we have been working on. At the Meet & Greet event, we had the opportunity to mix and mingle with phenomenal individuals and of course meet with our mentor Jack. We learned that we would have a private meeting after the workshop the following day. We were ecstatic because we have been living “The Success Principles” every chance we get. It was at the Meet & Greet event that we were invited to a private engagement that we would never forget.

The private engagement took place in the room that the Dalai Lama had stayed only two nights before. The ambience was that of peace and tranquility. Many amazing women surrounded us. As we were visiting, a woman came in the room. I did not know who she was but many of the others in the room did. Her presence was serene. She gathered and connected the women in the room like no one I had ever met. There was a connection. The mysterious woman was Janet Attwood, the author of The Passion Test. Here she was sitting right beside us, sharing her thoughts and profound energy. We absolutely loved being around her. We embraced and she handed us her business card stating that we must call her to connect again.

Charmaine and I were on cloud nine. How was it possible to have so much excitement in one night? We wanted the night to last forever. I always believe that people enter your life for a reason. It is not by coincidence that events happen but by strategic plan of a higher power or source, which I refer to as God. Who knew that the events of that evening would lead us to much more than we had ever dreamed of.

After “The Success Principles” workshop, we walked with Jack Canfield to the lounge of the hotel he was staying at. Charmaine and I confidently shared our ideas and our “asks” with him. He was very open and receptive to our ideas and we look forward to continue building our relationship with him. At the conclusion of our meeting, Janet Attwood came to the lounge to meet Jack for supper. Jack had gone to take things up to his room so we reconnected with Janet and learned that she had never been to Edmonton, Alberta. The room was radiating with energy. I looked at Janet and exclaimed, ” I love your energy”. Janet looked back at me and said, ” No, it is you.” She placed her hands on my shoulders and looked me straight in the eye and said, “Debra, the world around you is a reflection of you!” Now how can you argue with someone who speaks to your very soul?” Was she to be another mentor?

Charmaine Hammond and I know the importance of living your life’s purpose. We know that the people and events that occur in your life are lessons. We also know how effortless life is when you live your passions. Since the October event, I have read The Passion Test and enjoyed getting to know the mysterious woman who graced the room.

We are so pleased announce that we will be hosting Janet Attwood in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on January 15 and 16, 2010 for the Align Your Purpose, Passion, & Power in 2010 event to help people align their passion with their purpose. There will be a private VIP reception that you will not want to miss!

Your passions are what you love to do. You do them just because you want to. You do them whether or not you were paid. When we have a passion for something in our lives, we have a tremendous amount of energy and focus to accomplish whatever we set our minds to. Your passions often help you define your purpose in life.

When you are aware of your life purpose and you align it with your passion, there is an explosion of positive energy. This positive energy is a sense of empowerment. Empowerment is being aware of having the freedom to create the life you desire. Opportunities and people will enter your life to help in this creation. Life’s struggles will melt away. You will live your life with clarity and zest. You would start your day with eagerness to see how life will unfold.

As you live your life passions on purpose, you will need to be open. Being open to opportunities and the people that enter your life is crucial. You must see every opportunity as a yearning to learn more about yourself and others. What lessons are you meant to learn? What places are you meant to go? What people are you going to meet along life’s journey that will open more doors of opportunity?

You are meant to do great things. Take time to discover your passions and your life purpose. Together, these have incredible potential and power to create the life you dream of and make it a reality.

Remember to be grateful for the things you currently have in your life so that you may receive more and see how truly rich and abundant your life is. When you view your world with abundance rather than scarcity, your world will continue to be abundant. What you believe and perceive, you will achieve!

About the Authors:

Debra Kasowski & Charmaine Hammond
Authors of soon to be released GPS Your Best Life: Taking You from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

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