If everyone came from confidence rather than lack, the whole configuration of the world would be different.

If no one feared they would be robbed, would there be robbery?

If no one worried that they would not be paid, would there be debt?

If there were not sense of lack, would seeming lack exist?

Are the robber and the robbed vibrating at the same vibration? Does the one with ten locks on his front door call the robber to him? Is the robber answering a request when he robs?

Do the ones who dun for payment attract those who do not pay?

If there are no accidents and coincidences, what is going on in the world? Do Human Beings on earth call events and people to them? Is everything an interaction?

Of course, there is so much going on in the world that there is no pat answer that will satisfy. The unexpected does occur. The unmerited occurs. The innocent also suffer.

Yet, at the same time, when something strikes a chord in you, it strikes a chord. When something rubs you the wrong way, perhaps a note already exists within you that can be rubbed. If you frequently fear that someone will cheat you, what are you attracting?

One who must exert control feels that others are out to control him and take away his freedom. But his dependence upon controlling costs him his freedom. He assumes control at the expense of life. He is entrapped in his fears.

Better to be fearless. No more worrying that someone will take advantage of you. Come from a different platform so that all you desire can flow to you. Fear tenses you and often blocks the good that's on its way. Your fears tend to make you haunt or stalk that which you would keep away. You keep your finger on a page that you don't want to bookmark.


You were not born to lack. You were born for abundance. You were not born to fear. You were born to be confident. Instead of getting ready for what you fear, get ready for what you truly want. Great joy is yours, and it is coming to you. Set your sites on it.


If you have thought of life as hard, see it otherwise and make it easy.


If everyone in the whole world thought that life is easy, would it not be? How could it not be! But let's start with you.


If everyone on earth truly wanted peace, could war exist? Peace is not remarkable. War is. Peace is natural. War isn't. Friendship is natural. Enmity is not. The lion and the lamb will lie down together when you put down your arms. Your arms are your fears.

If everyone on earth were truly thinking of the good of all, who would have to look out for himself? In what corner would selfishness exist? What would be the use of it? It would fall away as all untruth must and will.

Do draughts and floods that sweep up all in their range come from some level of thought? When the thoughts of men rise, can the world of earth stay the same? Would climates change, and there be food in abundance for all everywhere always? Surely, that is not too much to ask.


When everyone is generous, where could there be a poor man?


When everyone is honorable, where could dishonor stay?


When every soul on earth matters, who could be left out?


When everyone on earth cares about everyone else, who would not be carefree?


When God's Will is done, what else could there be but peace and good will for all men on earth?


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