Seminar Leader: Dr. John DeMartini
Seminar Title: The Breakthrough Experience®
Length: 3 days
Category: Personal Growth


"When human will attunes with Divine Will there is freedom."
– Dr. John DeMartini

Two days, deep introspection, challenging ideas, remarkable clarity, the awe of being in the presence of a brilliant mind-these are words I'd use to describe Dr. John DeMartini's Breakthrough Experience? workshop.

Dr. DeMartini is a retired chiropractor who has spent "the past 33 years investigating the Laws of the Universe" and it shows. He draws from physics, chemistry and mathematics to demonstrate that positive and negative influences exist everywhere in nature. He cites a variety of sources to show that the most fundamental expression of the universe is light.

He goes on to show that "equilibrating" positive and negative influences, or experiencing them in balance, creates the ground for moving to a new "quantum" state, a more challenging, more evolved state of being. According to Dr. DeMartini, moving through these "quantum states" is the nature of life, and an ongoing process which ultimately leads to the realization of the nature of the universe as Love, a perfectly equilibrated quality which is neither positive nor negative, yet encompasses both.

The Quantum Collapse Process

Fascinating as Dr. DeMartini's descriptions are (and it is a delight just to sit and listen to him), the core of the 2-day session is about getting a glimpse of this quality of Love. This is provided through Dr. DeMartini's proprietary "Quantum Collapse Process?."

Through this systematic process of inquiry into the nature of judgments they hold about someone in their life, participants "collapse" those judgments until the realization dawns that this person has been a huge gift in their life. At the seminar I attended, this "breaking through," which gives rise to feelings of love, gratitude and frequently tears, was a universal experience among participants.

That doesn't mean it was immediate. For the uninitiated, and the resistant, the process can take quite a long time. Yet, there is no question the results are worth the time. Dr. DeMartini has worked with thousands of students and he says the benefits they report affect every area of life: spiritual, mental, vocation, finances, family, social and physical.

Here are just a few of the things Dr. DeMartini says result from the process:

  • Opens your mind to greater wisdom and truth
  • Expands your mind and awakens your intuitive faculties
  • Inspires a greater inner motivation
  • Helps you develop greater self-worth
  • Enhances intimate communication
  • Adds clarity to mission and direction
  • Dissolves stress and adds vitality

The Bottom Line

This seminar is definitely worth the price of admission. Just be forewarned: If you love lots of touchy feely stuff with a minimum of intellectual stimulation, this might not be the seminar for you. On the other hand, if you enjoy being challenged, are ready to breakthrough some beliefs that have been holding you back, and are open to receive the multitude of gifts Dr. DeMartini provides in this workshop, then sign up now by going to: