What would you life look like if you stops procrastinating, stopped making excuses and started taking action on your dreams?

There are few things in life as agonizing as knowing you have a passionate purpose – a reason for being exactly who you are at this exact moment in history – desperately pleading to be set free, and yet, choosing to remain stuck and miserable in a pattern of non-action or wrong action.

While all the buzz in the last several years around the Law of Attraction has been for the most part positive, often a student is left with the idea that all one must “do” is visualize their desire and it will arrive at their door adorned with a big red bow. Even those who recognize that they must “do” something other than sit in meditation all day if they want to manifest their dream into physical form, can become stuck when it comes to taking aligned action becoming either completely paralyzed by fear or reverting to a most unattractive system of working very, very hard to get what they want.

There are 4 essential steps to manifesting your vision and potential into see it, touch it, live it physical reality:

  1. Decide what you want

  2. Believe it to be yours now

  3. Ask for and be open to guidance

  4. Take action

Engaging the first three begins to move towards you every resource needed to have what it is you want, but it is through action that you receive it into manifested physical form. Without action, a physical process by the way, your “want” remains just another “yummy idea”.

“Fear” is typically the reason we do not take action. It may be fear of rejection, fear of being wrong, fear of ridicule, fear of change, fear it just might work – the list of possible fears is long – and old news. My best advice on fear is “get used to it!” Fear is simply a part of being human but it need not be an excuse to not living your purpose right now. Instead of focusing on “why” you don’t take action, let’s examine the 5 keys to effective action.

  1. Who? That would be you. No one else can take the action to shift your experience but you! Anything less is simply being a victim. Beware of circumstances that “look like” they fall under another’s jurisdiction of responsibility. I wrestled with this one for years! Painful to admit but true. Who acts? You do.

  2. Why? Because it allows you to receive what you want. No action – no reception. Think of it this way, you are in a house all shutters closed. No light can get in. You are cold, lonely and very depressed from living in the dark. The sun is shining. It is shining on the house. It is here and available now – but you’ve got to take action and open the shutter to receive. Why do you act? To receive.

  3. How? Decisively with your physical body. Move something! Pick up the phone, dial a number and speak if that is what you are guided to do. Meditating that Gloria will call you is not going to make it so! How do you act? By doing something physical.

  4. When? In the now. Now is the only time you can act. What is past, is past and cannot be acted upon, what is future is not in your reach. You may feel fear. Take action anyway. When do you act? That would be now.

  5. Where? Right where you are. Take action on what is in front of you now. What you can do not what you wish you could do. Think about it, how much would you life change if you simply cracked the shutter on that cold, dark house? Where do you act? Right where you are.

That’s it. Five simple but essential steps for taking action that delivers results.

Now, about old man fear… There’s a little trick I discovered that will melt fear faster than an ice cube on hot pavement in July. This trick makes the action taking a whole lot juicier and a whole lot more fun! It’s passion and it is the lube of life. Fear doesn’t have a chance in its presence.

Passion is a heightened physical experience and it elevates every sense – sight, taste, touch, smell, sound – and serves to tune us into the highest vibration of every experience. We see good in everyone, and opportunity in every situation. Passion blows through negative thoughts and false beliefs (just other names for “fear”) like a raging, swollen river.

Fear is a part of the gears of life but, passion lubricates those gears making life juicy and gets you ready for action! There is no “stuck” that applied passion cannot break free. Think about it, did you have to bust through major resistance to be with the one you ah… feel passionate about? I don’t think so! Even if it meant flying across three time zones twice in 24 hours on little food and no sleep to be with them – no sweat! You’d do it again in a minute. It was worth it!

Now is not the time to sit on the fence and wish. The world needs you! Know your purpose, find your passion and get into action – why not right now?

About the Author:

Mary Kay Morgan, MS is the Potential to Profits Coach guiding you to bringing your passionate vision fully into physical form. MaryKay integrated her expertise in exercise physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology, nutrition, energy medicine and personal development to create the only body-direct system for entrepreneurial success. Discover MaryKay’s unique programs for entrepreneurs, coaches and fitness professionals including her newest release The Now Program: 24 Weeks from Potential to Profits Boot Camp for Business at www.YourBodyYourGuru.com.