It doesn’t matter if you are a coach, delivering a personal service, or if you sell products on the Internet or through an MLM. Your business is a reflection of you. It has the life force you breathe into it. Even if you are mostly absent from your business, it’s still your energy.

There’s 2 questions you’ll want to ask yourself:

1. What kind of energy are you depositing into your business? Is it positive or negative?

2. Are you aware of the impact your energy is having on everyone connected with your business?

Even if you aren’t involved in the hands on, day to day running of your business, it’s still your energy that overrides everything.

The good news is that once you recognize this, it’s possible for you to decide what you want the energy to be and shift it in a very short time.

Years ago, as a sales manager and trainer in real estate, I was asked to go to a timeshare resort and take over a failing sales department.

What I wasn’t told until I had already moved there and started the job was that the entire company, except for the man that asked me to come there, believed what they were asking me to do couldn’t be done. Of course nobody told me that when I went to check it out!

To make things even worse, I found out that nobody wanted to work in this department because they all knew it was doomed and they would go broke if they came to work for me.

So the people that were moved into my department against their will were the worst salespeople they had, in fact they had the choice of this being their last shot or they would be fired.

Oh, it gets better.

On top of that, this was a small close knit community and I was an outsider, not to mention a woman, in a position that was normally held by a man. These salespeople already had their minds made up about their chances for success, zero, and how much time they were going to give me before they tuned out, 5 seconds.

As you can imagine I wasn’t too happy when I found out the real story. But I was already there so that’s what I had to deal with.

See the thing was, I knew that I could do it. I knew I could sell the product because they had a good program. I also knew that I had never met a person I couldn’t teach how to sell if they were willing to give me half a chance; even the quietest, most shy person in the room.

It was a difficult challenge dealing with such strong negative attitudes on so many levels. Plus these people weren’t feeling too good about themselves right about then, so that compounded the problem.

I could have taken on their negative energy and everything would have started sliding downhill, which I assume is what happened to the 3 people they had hired before me who failed.

I stayed within my energy knowing that it was just a matter of time and I would fill that sales room and the people in it with a more positive energy.

Yes, I could have gotten mad and quit. I could have been tough on the salespeople and they would have quit.

All I had to do was remember who I am and stand in that space and they would join me there, energetically speaking, before they were consciously willing to listen to me.

The first couple days were rough.

Within a week they were intently learning my sales system. As I worked with them and encouraged them their ability and their confidence grew. They began to believe it was possible for the department to succeed because I did. They began to believe that they could succeed because my energy supported them.

Within two weeks, we were selling pretty well. Within a month we were rockin’ & rollin’.

After a couple months one of my salespeople’s husband said, I don’t know what you’ve done to my wife but not only is she making money, she’s relaxed, she’s happy, she’s more powerful in her personal life and our relationship has changed in a very good way.

I wasn’t surprised because it’s not an unusual story for me to hear. Shifting the energy in a business shifts everyone in it.

All I did was be me and do what I do. Not discounting that I’m an expert at what I was doing, but it’s so much more than the technical teaching that makes the shift. It really is the energy.

This is not difficult for you to do in your business. More than anything else, it requires your awareness of the impact you have without ever saying a word.

Shortly after that, the manager of the main sales team, who had disliked me intensely since my team of so called ‘losers’ started beating his numbers month after month, asked me to run a new resort he was going to be the project director for.

When I asked him why he would want to work that closely with me when he obviously didn’t like me, he said, I don’t know how you do it, but I see the results and I know that your salespeople would take a third world country for you if you asked them to!

That was one of the best compliments because I knew he got it, even if it was something he couldn’t see or quantify or duplicate on his own. He felt it. He recognized that what I had done to transform this team was much deeper than teaching them great sale strategies.

You have the power to be a transforming presence in your business, whether you’re a solo-preneur and you’re making the decision to shift the energy for yourself or if you have a corporation managed by others where you previously believed your energy didn’t matter.

About the Author:

Lynn Pierce, the Success Architect, has taught people how to combine business and personal development to reach the pinnacle of success and live the life of their dreams for over 25 years. In addition, she is also the founder of one of the most exciting annual events for women entrepreneurs, Empowered Women’s Business Summit. Now she shares her keys to success and life mastery with you on