As you begin to embark on an exciting new year, I’d like to encourage you to breath in the possibilities! Now is the time to release any of the pain and struggle from 2008, unhook yourself from fears related to the economy and your financial status. Let go of problems with family and relationships. Forgive yourself for judging yourself and finding yourself falling short of who you want to be. Release and breathe!

You have a great opportunity to start anew as we usher in the 2009. Let’s wipe the slate clean and ask the wonderful question: What if money were no object and you had all the time in the world? What would your 2009 look like?

Why should we do this exercise? Because it’s the perfect way to start visioning and Consciously Creating your near term future-and maybe long term. So what would be in your plans if you could do anything you want with your time and energy?

Here’s what I would do if my bank account overflowed with cash, my financial future was set and all of my debts and bills were paid: I would be out leading people in major United World Healing Vision-In events to set the course for the world’s future. I would continue to travel all over the world teaching The Art of Conscious Creation in seminars, speeches and lectures. As I travel I would be taking stunning photos for my Lapin Gallery photo website, and sharing this wonderful experience with my incredible lover and friend who has come into my life. I’d be enjoying the fantastic success of my latest three books, while at the same time I’d be taking plenty of time to rest and relax in nature, read, exercise, do yoga and live in the moment. Furthermore, I would be giving my time, leadership skills and money to worthy causes, organizations and individuals– helping people of little means and opportunity live more empowered, directed, abundant and prosperous live.

Now what would your life look like?

  • Consider where you would live.

  • Whom you would be with?

  • How you would spend your time-both leisure time and constructive time?

  • Would you still work and if so, what would you be doing?

  • What causes you would take up and how that would manifest?

  • What would you want to learn or teach?

  • What creative endeavor or outlet would you pursue?

  • What recreational experience would you like to have?

  • What would you want to travel to see or do?

  • What do you want more of in your life?

  • What would your relationship be like?

  • What would be different about your relationship with your family?

  • What kinds of friends would be in your life?

  • How would you manifest greater health and vitality?

  • What spiritual or meditative practices would you adopt or do more often?

  • What would you do to increase your personal frequency, be more positive and release negative vibrations such as fear?

I suggest that you take some time before New Year’s eve and consider these questions. Because they can create a blueprint for next year. Now, not everything is likely to come to pass unless perhaps you immediately win the lottery, but you are putting your “wish list” into the cosmic Santa and that allows him to get the elves working on it. Some elements may begin to manifest or begin evolving in the direction you desire. However, if you don’t do this, you are at the whim of whatever unconscious frequencies you are transmitting and who knows what will turn up in your life in 2009!

Take this time and put these very important thoughts on paper, and then look back one year from now and see how many of them have started to come to fruition!

My dear friend: May you Consciously Create Everything You Desire and Yearn For in 2009!

About the Author:

Jackie Lapin tours the world teaching Conscious Creation and Personal Frequency Management. She is the author of The Art of Conscious Creation; How You Can Transform the World. Sign up to receive Jackie Lapin’s life-changing fr*ee ebook: Beyond The Law Of Attraction: How Conscious Creation Can Help You Create The Blueprint For Your Future by going to

Jackie Lapin is also the founder of Manifest, your one-stop book shopping for the conscious creator and law of attraction enthusiast. Visit us at

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