The other day there was a news item in the New York Times telling that 20 million Americans have lost their homes because of mortgage foreclosures and that many more are to be expected. So what do you think these people did to draw this into their lives?

Last year, when our organization presented The Prophets Conference series “Just for the Health of It!” the question would often come up, “What did I do to create this health challenge?” From this, we began to ask why it is that many people have spontaneous healings and others don’t. Why is that cancers disappear for some and kill others?

This is when The Secret came to our attention and The Law of Attraction came up for us again, my partner Robin having trained as a practitioner of The Law of Attraction teachings of Ernest Holmes when she was only 18. We once again began to understand that we were looking at spiritual principles in their most fundamental material forms. Health, wealth, youth, relationships, and beauty once again came to the fore as manifestations of a higher spiritual order called The Law of Attraction.

Subsequently, we decided to present events based upon The Secret and The Law of Attraction and, in so announcing, received criticism to the effect that we were not being spiritual, that The Secret was selfish and narcissistic, and that we were neglecting to consider the great social, political, and economic problems facing so many people in this troubled world. This criticism was good in that it made us deeply consider the created reality in which we all abide.

…..We are not separate from others and are influenced by factors outside of ourselves, such as the collective consciousness.
…..We do influence our personal reality with our every thought and action as well as influence the collective reality.
…..There are many factors that can contribute to our becoming sick (for example our ancestral lineage, our environment, non-viable beliefs), however, we can take action to change these factors.
…..It does not serve us to dwell in fear and guilt about anything, with thoughts such as “what did I do to deserve or create this problem?” This thinking will only reinforce the difficulty and make it worse.
…..There are many factors of greed and stupidity running amuck in economics and politics. Wealth is squandered on wars and debt. We need to visualize, intend, and take action to change this and know that there is enough and to spare, as proven in the research of people like Buckminster Fuller.
…..We must wake up to the mind numbing and brain washing of media which supports limitation and lack as well as feeds our desire consume junk.
…..Everything in the universe, even the junk, is spiritual at a deeper level. This includes health, wealth and relationships, which we have the power to mold into magnificence.
…..Many of the teachings of religions have used guilt and dogma to control minds into disempowering limited beliefs. So, let’s pick out the good stuff of religious teachings and dump the rest.
…..There isn’t a darn thing wrong with making positive judgments. Judgments can be good for us.
…..We need to adopt a practice of critical thinking, and rethink everything and create anew.

The ancients, Maya, Hopi, etc., foresaw and carved in stone knowledge of a time when there would be big change, and that time sure looks to be drawing near. We appear to be getting real close to the prophesied tipping point where we either choose empowerment and blossom spiritually and materially, or decline into dark denial and despair.

The scientific theories of dissipative structures and chaos theory, along with the Law of Attraction in metaphysics, all clearly show us that, out of great confusion, we will change into something novel, something new, and if we desire and fully believe, something wonderful. So, let’s do it! There’s nothing stopping us except our old, tired beliefs.

If they come along and foreclose on our mortgage, or if our relationships don’t work, if we are stuck in a crummy job, or if we are ill and broke, maybe these are the perfect stimuli, the perfect gifts, we need to experience a quantum jump into the realm of creativity, balance and power.

Robin and I believe a better world is possible, for us individually and collectively. Now.

The Prophets Conference is making available the teachings for getting The Law Attraction to work. Outstanding teachers from The Secret along with other powerful teachers and authors are coming together in uplifting and stimulating events to open the door to health, wealth and beauty. These are coming up in Miami, and in Los Angeles and Santa Cruz, California. Find out more at and come join us in really making things happen.