As someone embarking on an internet marketing career, you’re undoubtedly a person who wants to believe in the possibilities of life, aren’t you? Indeed, don’t you want to develop-or maintain-the courage to strive for fulfillment of all your dreams? Of course, hopefully, you want to do this from a place of integrity, too.

In fact, as you embark on your internet marketing journey, have you considered that one of the marks of virtue is to value the perfection of your soul above all things? Is this something you can believe in? If so, you are likely seeking to honor what you believe is your unique path or purpose in life-that you are using internet marketing as a means to an end-a higher goal versus an end in itself. If this is so, I suspect that you will come to be helped in ways you probably could never have imagined-that you would never have written into an action plan. Furthermore, it may prove to be a more exciting ride than you could have ever dreamed possible. So, are you ready to take it?

Don’t Let Fear of Internet Marketing Stop You

You may be immersed in fear right now because you have so much to learn about internet marketing. That is common when you’re looking to start something new–to make a significant change. Don’t try to squelch your fear-or push right through it, either. Rather, stop and listen to the message behind the feeling. In fact, it may be helpful to sit down with a piece of paper and pen-even if you are used to using a computer-and write the question, “Fear, what are you trying to tell me?” And then, without thinking or trying to edit your work in any way, just start and keep on writing. Also, keep writing until everything that is coming forth from this deeper place of knowing within you has a chance to come forth-to talk to you through those written words.

Read back what you wrote. What message or insight did you gain? Did you learn, perhaps, that despite your fear, you are on the right path-that you are following your purpose or calling? Nonetheless, the fear may have wanted you to know that you still have things to learn before you can expect to achieve great success. Did it also tell you that you need to give yourself the opportunity to learn these things rather than merely condemning yourself for your slow progress? That you can’t expect to be an internet marketing genius overnight?

Then again, you may have learned that you are living in fear because what you intend to do is not in alignment with your higher self but instead, is being driven by your lower or ego self with its needs for things like recognition and money. In fact, you may be contemplating doing things you know aren’t ethical because of the way your ego is driving you. That said, you could tell it to stop because you aren’t going to listen to it anymore; you’re going to step onto that higher path instead of being a “black hat” internet marketer.

Of course, walking the higher path is also the way to inner contentment and joy. Really, don’t you know people who’ve accumulated massive wealth in questionable ways who never seem content? Then again, there are people who use their wealth to serve others and, as a result, discover great joy even in the midst of horrific situations. They know they’re making a difference, not perpetuating more suffering.

Be Guided in Internet Marketing-and all Pursuits-by Your Higher Self

Which type of person do you want to be? Listen to the soft voice of your soul calling. Listen to the guidance you’re given. You will be shown the pathway to get there.

Of course, if you’ve had to disown your feelings as well as important aspects of yourself while growing up, it can be a challenging task to come to know and accept who you truly are. Also, you may currently believe that it is a good thing or noble to basically crucify your body, your feelings, and your emotional life in order to live up to your values-or to achieve some noble goal. You may condemn yourself for not doing even more yet than you’re currently doing to serve others.

If this describes you, have you ever stopped to consider that no one ever grew or evolved by disowning and damning what he or she is? In fact, have you ever considered that you can only begin to grow after you have accepted who you are, or what you are, or where you are right now on this journey called your life?

No, you will not remain motivated to rise to glory by pronouncing yourself an unworthy or despicable person. But of course, if you’ve done something that you know to be wrong, immoral, unjust, or unreasonable, acknowledge the wrong. Seek compassionately to understand why you may have taken the action-asking yourself where you were coming from or thinking at the time. What need were you trying to satisfy in some less than healthy or constructive way? In other words, ask questions-or seize this opportunity to become more self-aware versus moving into self-condemnation and staying there. Show some compassion for yourself while, at the same time, you take concrete steps to move forward and climb onto higher moral ground.

As alluded to earlier, when you are striving to turn within versus looking outward for direction and life’s meaning, or you’ve chosen to listen to the inner guidance and do as you believe you’re now being led by your higher self, a higher power, the Universe, God-or whatever term you may feel most comfortable using here-believe that you will be helped. While some may consider or call what you come to experience fortunate coincidences, you will know you’ve been helped by a force greater than your limited intellect or ego self.

Patience is a Virtue, too

Will things unfold as quickly as you’d like? Probably not. Also, there may be more sacrifices asked of you than you’d have preferred, too. Nevertheless, believe that you are evolving in ways that you may not see in the moment as valuable, but at some point, you will realize were necessary lessons on your life’s journey.

Of course, if you have to charge like a bull through a china cabinet, destroying so many and so much about you to make things happen, realize that you are not on the right path. In this case, pull out that paper and pen and ask, “What am I supposed to be doing instead? Show me my right path-and give me the faith and trust I need to follow it.”

About the Author:

Dr. Diane England is a clinical social worker and author of the self-help book, The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Relationship: How to Support Your Partner and Keep Your Relationship Healthy. It was designated one of the “BEST BOOKS OF 2009” by the “Library Journal.” Discover more at