For a moment, imagine life is like a sport. The playing field is the world you are standing on and the game starts as soon as you take your first breath and ends right after your last breath. You have chosen to play the sport of life and now you find yourself on the playing field…

What kind of player are you? What is your purpose for playing this game called life?

Notice that most people around you aren’t playing with purpose. Instead they are concerned about survival. How can I get by without getting hurt? How could I get through with the least pain possible? How could I “appear” as if I am really playing? The focus is mostly on avoiding reality, trying to fit in, struggling to be nice to people, and living in the hope that things will get better in the future.

The main thread underlying living becomes you do your thing, I do mine, and lets hope we both survive without too many scratches.”

In a world where most live just to survive, people learn to sacrifice their integrity because they don’t have much respect for themselves.
Most people grow up so concerned about what is right and wrong that they don’t even remember to value themselves and live their lives from their hearts. Instead it becomes a mental aerobics on outsmarting as many people as possible without getting caught.

This in-authenticity of course leads to a whole lot of frustration and repressed anger. How could it not? How could anyone live a fulfilling life if most people are wearing a custom and hiding behind it hoping that their façade is not discovered? How could anyone be happy if most people don’t even trust in themselves much less in others?

This farce in society also stems from the programming presented to people whether they wanted it or not. Newspapers, magazines, billboards, bus adds, TV commercials, and internet junk are all bombarding people every moment of the day with the message that they are not enough and the hope that if they buy this or that, nirvana will appear.

Most people are scared cold. But enough is enough. If you want to wake up from your programming and unfreeze your potential, you must

reconnect with your self-value and remember that you came here to play. You didn’t come here to avoid, lay dormant to be programmed as if you were in electro-shock-therapy, and live in the hope that the future is your salvation.

Take charge of your life by remembering that you are a human being and not a human doing. What you do is a reflection of your being. What you do does not determine who you are. Stop waiting for your possessions and accomplishments to give you your self-value. Your self-value is what determines your possessions and accomplishments. It is the repository of all your possibilities. In other words, your potential is what determines how far you can reach.

Your potential is unlimited!

Stop allowing your mind to be confused into thinking that your potential is limited by the information forced into it by the environment and the media. You are not a beggar trying to get by in total ignorance of what is possible. What the world needs is not more gadgets, cars, buildings, and pairs of shoes. The world needs more people willing to live authentically, and unafraid of standing up for their values and ability to transform moment to moment. We all need to be more mindful of the vast potential that we are. We all need to stop playing the game of life by avoiding the reality of our huge inherent value.

If you want to reach new levels of success in your life, you have to deprogram yourself. You can start this by recognizing that you have been programmed in the first place, identifying the effect that this programming has had in your self-value, designing a plan to defend against this and future programming, implementing this plan, and finally dissolving this programming by living a life that is awake, authentic, and proactive instead if reactive.

I will leave you with a few lines from one of Derek Walcott’s poems…

“The time will come when, with elation, you will greet yourself arriving at your own door, in your own mirror, and each will smile at the other’s welcome.”

So what kind of player are you?

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