The ideal world would mean no more hardships, no more war, no more persecution and no more poverty. However, we are not living in a perfect world. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Apparently, there are people who still have to toil so that their children can have a good education and to bring food on the table. Even though, we are not living in the same circumstances as some of us are lucky to be born wealthy, it is important that we learn how to give back to the community. By reaching out and helping others, we can make a difference. Following are creative things that we can do to inspire people and to help the people in our community live a comfortable and happy life.

Put Up Garage Sales For A Cause

Garage sales are very popular for profit or non profit. Aside from making others happy, we can also benefit from a cleaner and more organized room that will become after sorting out all the stuff to donate. To start, pick a good cause which the money will go to. Then get three boxes. Label them as follows: First box: things to stay. Second box: things to donate. Third box: things to throw away.

Dig through old dressers and cabinets and look for clothes that are still reusable and drop them to their designated boxes. However, get rid of those worn out clothes that are no longer functional. Check the condition of the clothes in the second box, if they are still marketable. Aside from clothes, add items that people are interested to buy like books, old lanterns, table and other stuff that are still functional.

After sorting everything, designate a date for the garage sale. Ask friends if they want to volunteer. On the day of the sale, put a box for monetary donations. The donation box is for those who are not interested to buy, but would like to extend help through monetary support. Put up streamers to tell everyone about the garage sale. After the garage sale, give the money to the chosen cause. Donate also those things that were not bought.

Organize A Soup Kitchen

Two of the biggest problems, we are facing today are poverty and malnutrition. Ideally, we should eat a good balanced meal at least three times a day. However, not all can afford to eat healthy meals thrice a day. One way to extend help is to organize a soup kitchen. Find people who are willing to lend a hand in this project. Meet up and share creative thoughts and ideas. Pick a date and plan the menu.

List the group of people who will benefit from the soup kitchen feeding program. It can be the children in the nearest orphanage or the group of sick children in the infirmary. Coordinate with other organizations and groups as well. To make the soup kitchen fun and lively, ask friends and family members to sing a song or prepare a dance number. There are groups of medical practitioners who are willing to help in proceeds and community work, ask them for their support. They can check the kids’ health while those in charge of the soup kitchen are giving out bowls of soups and other nutritional food.

Today, people are being creative when it comes to giving. Giving is not all about money. We can offer our time, assistance and talents to make others feel that they are not alone. By being selfless we are giving back to the community and making a difference today.

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