Personally I have read literally hundreds of books on psychology and self development. Most of them talk about positive thinking and positive affirmations. Now, I have noticed that this type of stuff simply isn’t as effective as they make it seem. The truth is that yes, affirmations do have their place- but they are not they key to creating a life by design as many thousands of people believe. Here is why.

When we are born we tend to mimic and imitate our parents. As we get older, we start to mimic our friends, leaders, teachers, religious leaders, etc. And we adopt their beliefs or belief systems. We go through our lives doing things such as, finding jobs, relationships, and life styles that have been preprogrammed by those people we imitated. Our culture will create a preconditioned life for us according to their beliefs and customs.

As we get older and decide that we want a better life, we look for information on how to better our situation. We get books and courses on positive affirmations in hopes that it will rearrange our brains to function and think differently. The truth is that all we are doing with affirmations is that we are basically spreading icing on a burned cake!

We have to go deeper and completely rid of previews beliefs and limiting beliefs before affirmations can be effective.

Again, I am not against positive affirmations. My goal is to help people realize that in order to change your life, you have to go deeper and clean your mind of all limiting beliefs so that you may experience the life that you have been wanting to experience.

What I recommend you do is start making a list of the things you don’t want in your life. Yes, I said make a list of things you DON’T want. The reason for this is people have a much more difficult time thinking about what they want but find it very easy to think about the things they don’t want.

Once you have your list of things you don’t want- start making your list of the things you do. Then, think about those things you desire and actually begin to feel what it would feel like to have that thing you desire. What you are doing here is you are getting into the right vibrational frequencies that will attract those things you want into your life. This is much more powerful than affirmations.

If you practice this act of feeling the end goal, you will discover that your life will begin to change faster that you ever thought possible. Affirmations create a battle in your mind. But visualizing and feeling your desires will cause the Universe to bring about that which you desire.

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About The Author:

Gerardo Flores is a father, writer, internet marketer, and student of life. His mission is to inspire and awaken people to the reality that you have the power to create a life by your own design. Connect with him on Facebook and receive 7-Free lessons that will show you how to use the laws of the Universe to create a rich life and a life by your own design. Click here Now.

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