If it were easy, everyone would do it; everyone would have it. That “IT” is prosperity and we’re all trying to achieve that stage in our lives where wealth, health and success are a daily part of our lives.

So what’s the problem? Why aren’t some of us living a prosperous life?
Read on, my friends…

1) CLARITY Many people don’t know what they truly want in life. They have not clarified exactly what they desire and where they want to be within a year, 5 years, or even 3 months. Because they don’t know where they are going, they drift along with the daily grind, totally forgetting that they want to attain true prosperity.

2) Path There are some that have a goal for their life, yet they do not know how to attain it. They go through the motions daily and never actually make a conscious decision to attain their goal.

3) STRUGGLE Many are desperately trying to live a life of happiness, wealth and success. They are focused on achieving true prosperity, but yet constantly find themselves struggling to attain it. It is this struggle that actually prevents them from being truly prosperous

4) Fear-False Evidence Appearing Real. This one 4-letter word prevents us from going forward to achieve all that we desire. What will our family think? Will our friends still like us? A very high percentage of persons fear success because of how it will affect us and our relationship with others.

5) CONDITIONING. As children and young adults, our environment affects a great deal of our ‘conditioning’ and has a profound effect on the way we think, act and live. Our environment here could include our parents, our friends, television, politics, religion, school courses and our job. For example, the TV may constantly bombard us with images of prosperous persons as unhappy, as crooks, or gangsters, or as lonely or selfish. If we really believed this, who would want to lead a prosperous, successful life?

6) THE NORM “I can’t be bothered. This is too much work. It’s too hard”. Some persons simply cannot be bothered to achieve prosperity. They live each day in a trance, in a numb existence, going along with the status-quo and have no desire to change their lives for the better.

7) OUT-GROW YOUR PEERS Some people don’t want change. You may be hesitant to achieve your dreams, goals, or your vision because once you do achieve true prosperity, it may reduce your inventory of what is actually possible