Have you ever noticed how busy the world seems to be these days? Do you ever find yourself feeling just a little bit lost or maybe feeling that you might have missed something? Chances are you have.

Time has been called our most precious commodity. It flies by even faster than the speed of light. Before we realize it, one, two or even ten years have gone by. Even with the best of plans, we do miss a lot.

Society today is highly mobile. My grandparents lived in the same house, with the same phone number for over 69 years. The number of people today who can say that are becoming increasingly rare. According to my mail carrier, most people on his route tend to move every two or three years. It is, indeed, becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with everybody we care about.

Job changes, schooling requirements, economic or family situations can contribute to a decision to relocate. With every change in our lives, we have new schedules, new responsibilities and new demands on our time.

Unfortunately, relationships can get lost in these fast-paced days. While we meet new people all the time, we sometimes lose connections with friends and family without even realizing it. We don’t mean to, it just happens that way. Has that ever happened to you?

Now, stop for a minute and remember a special friend from your past that you haven’t been in contact with – maybe from high school, college or from one of your first jobs. Remember the laughter you used to share, the encouragement you used to give to each other, the jokes, and phone calls ‘just because’.

Those were some good times, weren’t they? It’s sad to lose that. Good friends are incredibly difficult to replace. It’s often much easier to take care of something you already have than to try to replace or re-create it.

So, if you are not planning to live in the same home for the next 69 years, here are three things you can do now to stay connected with the people that are important to you.

1.) A Stamp of Approval from the USPS

Renting a post office box is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to keep connected. For long-term permanent address concerns, I would recommend an official U.S. Post Office station over one of the popular “Mail Box” stores simply because of the stability factor.

Due to the inherent nature and size of the federal system, changes are infrequent and slow when they do occur. Since the economy has direct bearing on the commercial success (or failure) of the individual MailBox stores, you will find that they can and do move more often, resulting in address changes which can mean loss of connections for you.

There are several advantages to a federal Post Office. They can be very inexpensive, rates beginning about $30 for an entire year, with the cost increasing as the size of the box does. Their security is above average at most locations. Your mail is better protected from loss, theft or tampering. Plus, you can pick up your mail 24/7 at many stations.

The post office will also “hold” or “forward” your mail for you. Should you be out of the area and find you need to make changes, there are simple forms available at any office to help you manage your mail.

That gives you peace of mind knowing that you can receive your mail at your convenience. They will keep it safe for you and not return it to the senders. You will want to check with your local office as to what length of time they will hold or forward your mail.

2.) Wireless and and Social Media

Another great opportunity for you to maintain your friendships, family and business contacts can be found in the realm of the wireless. There are many service providers and plans for you to choose from. Plus, when you make a geographical move, you can keep your cell phone number.

Thanks to the advances in technology, cell phones are getting smaller, less expensive and more versatile. They include many new and wonderful features: social media, texting, instant messaging, live photos, videos, voice mail and even more fun things to come.

3.) WiFi and the Internet

Many people today are choosing one of the larger internet providers with the specific intention to maintain an e-mail address for an indefinite length of time. With the ability to register domain names for an extended period, sometimes for several years, keeping connections online continues to get easier for us.

Wireless laptop and notebook computers are becoming smaller and more portable. They are easy to use and inexpensive. The number of places that offer free WiFi is increasing daily. These are all affordable and easy ways to keep in touch.

Will the post office, cell phones or the internet be around in 50 years? Who knows, but making some arrangements today will make it easier for you to keep those important connections with people you care about.

After all is said and done, an unexpected contact from a friend is guaranteed to make your day brighter. And that’s what keeping connections is all about!

About the Author:

John (“Dealey”) Carpenter Dealey, International ?MasterMind expert, entrepreneur, philanthropist, ?author and self-made millionaire, is dedicated to ?helping people reach goals and achieve their dreams. Visit his website at: http://www.mastermindsoaring.com/

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