Do you know the difference between Thoughts and Ideas?
Do you know which one you should listen to and act on?
Do you know how dramatically different your life will be when you act on the right one?
Maybe these two stories about Thoughts or Ideas will help.


Story One:

The cord from my charger to my laptop was bent and almost broken near the connection to the computer. I knew it was. I could tell the connection from the charger to the computer was getting risky to say the least. But, instead of dealing with the problem I just kept wiggling and propping up the cord to get the connection.

The THOUGHTS went like this: I don’t have time to deal with this, it is going be too difficult, I am busy visiting my family, and of course – maybe if I pretend it isn’t broken it won’t be, or magically it will get fixed.

One day wigging the cord was not enough. No power to the computer, only four hours left in my battery. Yikes. I called Dell. “Sure”, they said, “We will send you a new one (free on the warranty).” Bottom line – It would only take a day or two to get to me.

Easy – but two days is a long time when your business is on the computer. AND I was getting ready to travel again so I didn’t get the part until it caught up with me five days later. In the mean time – my whole business was on hold.

WHY didn’t I do this before there was an emergency? The cord would have had plenty of time to reach me before I traveled and before the old one broke. It was obvious that I would need a new cord sooner or later. Why didn’t I handle the problem BEFORE it was an emergency?

What stopped me?

THOUGHTS stopped me

All along my inspiration – my inner voice – was telling me to take care of this. The IDEA of how and when to take care of this was right there with me. The IDEA or Inspiration – or inner voice – was leading me to an easy solution. But I didn’t listen to inspiration or IDEA. I listened to Thoughts instead.


Story Two:

A few weeks after we moved to our new home we stopped by the Senior Center Bazaar. At the bazaar I found a fabulous set of dishes with a place setting for four for only $5.00. Since most of our household items are in storage I was stoked. A few days later it dawned on me I should have bought the other box of dishes since we would need a place setting for 8 if we were going to have my husband's family over for dinner.

I lamented over this lack of foresight for weeks. All along my little voice, my inspiration – IDEAS – kept telling me to stop by the center to see if just perhaps the other set of plates was not sold. Since that seemed impossible I ignored – once again – my voice of inspiration.

I had THOUGHTS about how hard it would be to walk into the center and ask the question; how impossible it would be that the dishes would still be there-and on and on.

However, one day I was walking by the center and the VOICE spoke up.
“How can you ever write about following inspiration and Ideas if you won’t do it yourself. Don’t be shy – GO IN!” I walked past the center and then turned and I walked back – went in – and stumbled through the explanation. The lady behind the counter smiled and said – “Isn’t that strange, after the sale we ended up with one box of dishes.”

She was happy to get the extra money for the center and the dishes out of storage. I was happy that I listened to the VOICE of Inspiration and Ideas.


I grinned all the way home.

Most of us listen to THOUGHTS! We listen to thoughts that tell us what won’t work, doesn’t work, isn’t right, bla bla bla. What should we be listening to is – IDEAS.

That is what our inner voice, our inspiration is giving us – IDEAS.

Ideas are wealth. Ideas lead us to what we want, need or desire. Ideas inspire. Ideas believe in results. Ideas are the direction from God. Ideas are Inspiration; otherwise known as Angels.

What voice are you listening to? Is it a Thought – limited, old, common belief – or is it an IDEA – which leads you to light and life?

There is another side to listening to Ideas and not Thoughts. That is the side of Ideas that keeps us safe from doing what we shouldn’t be doing. This one is easy. If you have to rationalize what you are doing – you are THINKING and not listening to IDEAS. Ideas almost always demand courage of us, but we never have to rationalize what they encourage us to do.

Act on ideas, not thoughts and watch how dramatically your life improves.


Beca (Lee) Lewis is the Author of Living in Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception


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