During times of uncertainty and crisis, it’s important to try your absolute best to remain calm. This is why adding good habits like daily meditation to your quarantine routine is key! And while meditation isn’t magic, it is an effective tool for uncertainty and stress… plus, did you know it can also boost your immune system? Well, it’s true! When you meditate, it allows your mind and body to ease into the present moment, inviting more peace and wellness into your life – something I’m sure we could all use right now! If you don’t already have a meditation habit, don’t worry, now is the perfect time to get you started. And in this video, you’ll learn my best tips to help you form the great habit of meditation. Push play to get started now!

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Don’t go without checking out our meditation playlist! Here you’ll find some of our best meditation videos handpicked for you! Now that you know meditation is one of the most powerful personal development tools out there, I’m sure you’ll love them!

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