The World Wide Web is nearly ubiquitous, with a great majority of people across the world utilizing it on a daily basis. For experienced users, navigating away from the bad stuff on the Internet can be relatively simple. However, for children and even teenagers the illicit parts of the Internet are in the open and can be used within the confines of their rooms. Whether it’s pornography, social networks, bad text, images, and so much more, the online world is a wide-open arena with no real governance or safety for children to avoid. Many sites don’t even offer splash pages that give warning about the content, and once it’s in the psyche, it can fester into a bad thing for a child and even teenager. Investing in a quality family Internet filter is important, but not all of them are made the same. To ensure that you’re getting the best one, it must have certain key features and if the option you’re looking at investing into, doesn’t have that, do not pick it up.

The first major feature that you’ll need to look at when purchasing a family Internet filter is that is blocks offensive content before it appears. Parents need to make sure that harmful websites do not load or appear. This includes text; text is sometimes just as bad as grizzly images. It’s important to ensure children aren’t reading adult rated content, and proper software will block it.

One of the easiest things for children to do is utilize search engines. Search engine results might be a gateway to the illicit things online, and blocking them could be hard. Some engines even have image only searches that can bring forth unwarranted images of full frontal nudity and even sexual acts. However, with proper settings you can block search results and image results so that children aren’t accidentally seeing the wrong things.

Compatibility with all Internet browsers is going to be one of the best features you’ll need to get the best out of a family Internet filter. All major search engines need to be able to run with the software in place, and even some more obscure browsers should be involved, just in case. Content filters that do not work with the mainstream browsers, will not protect your children, and the software will be relatively useless.

Look for options that are light weight, and run silently without appearing in the start menu, or system try, so that your child does not figure out how to close it, delete it, or block it. This is going to be really important, as teens and children can be very savvy and figure out loopholes in most devices. However, if you find a good one that will not clog your resources or obviously interfere with the online world, you know you’ll have a good amount of control over the usage.

Whether you’re looking to protect your family, or simply help fight sexual addiction for yourself or someone you love, a good family Internet filter will definitely go a long way. Find one that allows you to have full control over all the settings, and block or limit access to what your children and teenagers can see. Remember, the Internet is like the Wild West, without order, and you can be the sheriff for your home, protecting your family from what they might not be ready to see or understand. Never forget, you have the control, not the Internet.

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