Steve G. Jones is a bestselling author with over 25 years of experience in hypnosis. He is the author of 22 books on Hypnotherapy and currently owns over 4,000 hypnosis products. He has a doctorate in education and holds a Master’s degree in cognitive psychology. Steve also works with Hollywood actors, writers, producers and directors and has been featured on TruTV and NBC.

Some of his clients have conditions involving weight loss, anxiety, phobias, insomnia, smoking cessation, and many others. He has also been known for helping businesses with sales problems through his motivation techniques and all of these businesses have positive results.

Steve recently teamed up with Dr. Joe Vitale to create what might be the most powerful program on the planet for attracting wealth – the Wealth Trigger.

TAMMY LAWMAN: How did you become interested in hypnosis?

Steve Jones: It all started back in the early 1980s when I was in military school. I was at Riverside Military Academy in Gainesville, Georgia. I got a book on hypnosis at that time called The Complete Guide to Hypnosis by Leslie LeCron. I don’t know if that’s still in print. It was by no means complete. It was about 150 pages, but it was good enough to get me started in my career in hypnosis. I started hypnotizing my roommates. We were in military school, and I had plenty of potential clients there.

They started coming to me to work on certain things. All of these years later I’m still doing the same thing. I’m still working with people. Eventually, in military school, the smart kids came to me and wanted to learn more efficiently. The athletes came to me and wanted to exercise more efficiently and have more endurance. It’s the same thing all these years later, except now the smart kids are from NASA and the athletes are doctors. Aside from that, it’s what I’ve been doing all along.

TAMMY LAWMAN: Can you explain the hypnosis process for the people who don’t understand it?

Steve Jones: Hypnosis is just a matter of relaxing yourself into a state in which you are more suggestible. It has been demonstrated that if you can relax your mind enough to what we call an alpha state, then you are more open to suggestions. With hypnosis we access your subconscious mind by relaxing your mind. We’re able to give you suggestions that ordinarily, if you were fully awake in what we call the beta fully awakened consciousness, you would be less likely to accept. In the hypnotic state you accept them more readily.

TAMMY LAWMAN: When you’re in that state, are you being influenced by your own wants, needs, and desires or by what other people want you to think, feel, and act?

Steve Jones: Sometimes it’s by advertisers on television, and sometimes it’s by family members when we’re children. We can enter a hypnotic state in a number of ways. Advertisers are very good at putting us in the hypnotic state. Children naturally go in and out of hypnotic states. Sometimes they accept their parents’ programming; sometimes not. When we are doing hypnosis in an actual hypnosis session, it’s the hypnotherapist who is giving the positive suggestions for change to the client. We can also do self-hypnosis in which we make a recording for ourselves and listen to it. That would program us for positive change.

TAMMY LAWMAN: You created the Wealth Trigger program with Dr. Joe Vitale. Tell us a little about Joe and the whole experience behind that collaboration.

Steve Jones: Joe is a wonderful guy. His nickname is Mr. Fire. I can see why. He’s on fire to help people. He’s full of energy, zeal, and enthusiasm. He wants to share the happiness that he’s found through using the Law of Attraction. He also happens to have an outstanding working knowledge of hypnosis. Joe brings to the table both the metaphysical knowledge of the Law of Attraction, which states that whatever you focus on, you’ll get more of, and a very deep understanding of hypnosis.

This allows him to understand that people can be programmed. People can change what they have been doing by having new associations and new ways of thinking. Joe brings all of that to the table. In addition to that, he’s brilliant at manifesting. He knows how to manifest things in his life, and he knows how to teach that process to other people so they can manifest things in their lives. I’m talking about material things.

TAMMY LAWMAN: Tell us more about hypnosis and how it’s used in the Wealth Trigger program.

Steve Jones: We give you the tools in the Wealth Trigger program to do it yourself. Joe and I both believe strongly that people should have the tools that they need to help themselves continually without the need for ongoing support from any program. Joe does the first part of the program, and we teach people how to use the Law of Attraction and how to focus on what they want and how to get it from the universe.

That’s a metaphysical concept that Joe breaks down into a very detailed yet very usable and user-friendly way. I add to it with how to use hypnosis. I teach the five parts of the hypnosis session: the induction, deepening, script, amnesia and trance termination. I explain in detail how to use those so that a person can create their own hypnosis recording.

They can listen to that recording and actually change their associations to money and attract it to themselves by using both the programming of the hypnosis session and the metaphysical Law of Attraction.

TAMMY LAWMAN: Wonderful! Can you tell us how hypnosis helps people gain wealth?

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