2012! What is this about? When you scan the landscape for explanations you have plenty to choose from that either scares you to death or inspires you. So which one do you choose? Which story is really true? Confused? Here’s a new perspective that might provide a different view on the matter. This mystery is more simple than you think!

Imagine yourself living in a two-dimensional plane…that would be a flat surface with length and width only. You can go endlessly in all directions. This is your life. As you look around you can see other “flat” people and flat objects that exist in your flat world. Have you got this picture in your mind?

Now consider the three-dimensional world. Just because you are restricted to your two dimensional flat plane doesn’t mean that my three-dimensional world doesn’t exist. It does. If fact, you even get a glimpse of it every now and again. As a three dimensional object passes through your world you will see it one flat slice at a time. Of course, it is impossible for you to tell a tall building is a building when all you can actually perceive is one thin slice after thin slice as it passes through. Yet, the building still exists.

One day, as your friend, I invite you to birth into my world and experience the dimension of height and depth. You will surely be amazed! You will see an entire new landscape of people, buildings and things that had been there all along. It will appear as a completely new world. Finally, you will understand what all those “slices” of objects had been passing through the flats. It will be a beautiful awakening for you.

2012 is all about the disappearance of this divide, this barrier to perception, the “veil” that prevented you from perceiving more. Your three-dimensional world is about to open up to the forth dimension. It was there all the time. You have been confined to your 3-D world but yet there was more. An entire new landscape, beings, buildings and infrastructure existed in the next dimension just as it had in yours. Yes, indeed, this would be a new earth and it would definitely be the end to the world, as you had formerly known it. Got the new picture?

This new awareness also brings with it the knowledge of creation, that is, how you have been creating your life in your three dimensional world. It would be the same as you looking back at your prior two-dimensional self from the third dimension. You could see exactly how the flat plane was working however, they in-turn could not perceive you except a slice at a time.

Your thoughts and your feelings have been occurring in the fourth dimension all along. It is energy that is less dense and swirls around there as a result of your own volition. Eventually these thoughts and feelings will manifest physically in the dimensions below – 3D. That is how you create. Have you ever heard Esther Hicks (Abraham) discuss the law of attraction and perhaps the “escrow” you have amassed that awaits you? Where do you think all this activity has been happening? Your garage? Nope! It was in your fourth dimensional “attic” where your dreams live.

The human being is a truly amazing design. We have all been interdimensional from the very beginning. I love to hear people talk about the soul and the spirit. It is a universal subject. It transcends religion. Well, do you think it just shows up when you die? Of course not. You are this now and always have been. This non-physical you has already shown up in every science. They found it.

What science found is what shows up in your newly, expanded awareness just like the tall buildings appeared to your former “flat-planed” self. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it? It is fantastic and it is surely nothing to be afraid of. This is what 2012 is all about. Almost every religion and ancient teaching proclaims you have a spirit. This essence of us showed up in science. Call it what you like.

Human signatures

Have you ever wondered how laboratories conduct blood or soil analysis? It is simple. The spectrometer simply identifies the unique vibratory frequencies of the elements and charts them on a graph. Anything and everything has a unique vibrational frequency signature that identifies it. This is everything from emotions to tape worms. Each is uniquely distinguishable. Folks this is old science. You also have a signature that is the grand total of your self being …something.

When the next dimensional frequencies are available to be perceived by us, human beings, you will have to be operating in those frequencies in order to experience them. This isn’t a trick. It is just like choosing a radio station. If you, as a being, are operating in lower vibrations with such things as fear, anger, resentment, hate and the like then you will be operating in the lower, denser, frequency ranges (3D). You might say you are stuck on the old “flat” plane of life. If you are humming along with love, kindness, compassion, and gratitude then you will be operating in fourth dimensional frequencies. Either way, you will find yourself being on one side of the track or the other in 2012…by your own volition. Free will is all about choosing how you show up.

The entire 2012 event, stripped of its hype, is about you being the best of yourself. That’s it. That is your participation in the event. It really is that simple. So today, be the best of your self and hum that tune. It will be a pleasure to hear it. That is your ticket. Who knew!…that 2012 came with such a simple formula !!

About the Author:

James Taylor is the author of The Assumptions, Host of the “Human Energy Show” on the World Puja Network and speaker on quantum physics, biology, chemistry and DNA. www.theassumptions.com, www.worldpuja.org

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