Everyone looks for ways to enjoy a better quality of life. Many have found it is wise to measure life, not by its length, but by its depth. Maturity, integrity, wholesomeness, love, being of service and other personal character traits can be far more important and much more meaningful than material possessions.

Recently I was visiting with one of my mentors. Having been both married and in business for over 50 years, he has seen a lot of life. He became a leader in his industry and over 30 years ago, he was asked to share his formula for success.

He said: “A simple system of priorities will help you stay on track and bring you much joy and happiness. Put in writing what you believe in and commit to carry it with you each day and make changes to it. Your list may change a lot for a short time, but after that it should change very little.” Here’s his list:

Fun/fight (your career)

If you can nurture and grow these as they relate to each other, your life will be happier, fuller, healthier, more productive and more profitable. You will see that financial profit is not the main thrust of his system. It develops as a natural by-product of creating order in your life. It is my hope his list will help you as it has helped others.


As the most important of our priorities, faith occupies the top rung of our system. If we are mature and have a deep and abiding faith, our love for each other, as well as our fellow man, then our success will continue to grow. This doesn’t require crusading, evangelical action, or anything of that sort – only faith and belief.

The Bible teaches if we believe, all things are possible – ALL things! Believing requires more than just making the statement. It requires a mental discipline, with complete surrender into the belief that you are a successful person and have everything you need to help others become successful too.


The family unit is the foundation for all that is dear to us. We start out as babes dependent upon our parents; then, growing into adulthood, we develop our own immediate families. Later as we grow older, we find dependence once again, on others, usually family. While this dependence may not be financial, life is so much better with the moral support of those we love.

Without a loving family relationship, all else we accomplish will be hollow, without depth and have little meaning. The church teaches the Golden Rule: Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. This is a wonderful philosophy for our day-to-day living. We must give of our talent, time and treasure. What a great pattern this provides!


Long term friendships mean a happier and more enjoyable life. There are times when we need encouragement and support that only best friends can give. To receive this is marvelous, but to give such support to others is even better.

Try giving support, love and encouragement to someone every day. Make it a part of your life to listen, hear, understand and be available to help others. It will work wonders and you will discover abundant joy coming your way.


When you are in debt, you are not truly free. You will be a slave to your bills. Keep your financial house in order. The bottom line here is to spend less than you earn. Be careful with credit. Being in debt can bring you grief, stress and trouble. Develop a sound financial plan. Create a budget and stick to it. There are many great resources available to help you enjoy financial freedom.


Health is wealth. Be sure you eat a healthy diet, exercise daily and get sufficient rest. Investing in healthy living now will bring you a lifetime of rewards later. Find a workout buddy, hold each other accountable and make a commitment to live a healthy lifestyle.

FUN/FIGHT (your career)

What you do for a living should be fun, not a fight. A recent medical study showed the day of the week with the most heart attacks was Monday. Why? Because people hated their jobs.

Don’t let that happen to you. If you don’t love your current job, and can’t change it right now, I suggest you begin by focusing on the positive aspects of it. For each negative thought that crosses your mind, immediately replace it with one good thing about your job.


Keeping your daily actions in alignment with your beliefs and values will lead you to a more fulfilling life. Follow your heart, be of service to others and continue to learn new things.

Remember you are unique. Scientists tell us that there is no one else exactly like you. This is good to know, but more importantly your uniqueness can be used in an effective manner to bring more love, light and laughter into the world.

Seek out people with positive, encouraging, uplifting attitudes and spend time with them. Reach for the stars! Let your reach exceed your grasp. You will accomplish much more than you ever dreamed possible!

Be in joy and enjoy each day! Find yourself, know yourself, use this list, or develop one of your own. Be yourself and share yourself by giving to others. Sharing means caring and results in success that will last!

About the Author:

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