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It's been on Oprah, CNN,
Ellen DeGeneris, Larry King Live and featured in the New York Times, LA Times,
Wall Street Journal and Healthy Wealthy nWise. Rhonda Byrne's Passion series
interview for Healthy Wealthy nWise on April 10 attracted over 30,000 listeners.


Now, offshoots of The
Secret are showing up in all different venues. On May 10, Greg Reid and Scott
Evans premiere their new film, "Pass It On!" featuring people like Mark Victor
Hansen, Brian Tracy, Rev. Michael Beckwith, John Assaraf and many more.


September 25 – 27, producer
Mark Lujk will host an event for 3,500 people in Amsterdam featuring Secret
stars Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Bob Doyle, Dr. John Hagelin and others. This
event will expand from the Law of Attraction to other tools for creating the
life you choose, such as The Passion Test, taught by #1 National bestselling
author, Janet Attwood.


Passion will be an
important theme of this conference and will address the questions many people
have had about how to use the Law of Attraction effectively. The conference will
help participants get clear on what is most important to them in their lives,
along with using the principles of the Law of Attraction. By showing
participants how to align with the things they love most, the conference
promises to add a new dimension to The Secret and the knowledge it conveys.


Janet Attwood will take participants through The
Passion Test. This is the simple, powerful process which allows anyone to
quickly discover their top passions.

Then, Fred Gratzon, author of
The Lazy Way to Success,
and Patrick Combs, inspirational speaker and
success coach listed in the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame, will talk about
their own unique methods of taking those passions and making them a driving
force in one's life.


"The greatest life of all is the
life that comes from within and then manifests on the outside"

– Patrick Combs


The Amsterdam conference's
theme is
"I think, I
create, I succeed!"
three parts of this theme are more or less distributed evenly over the three


As The Secret
has taken the world by storm, over 3.5 million copies of the book are in print,
more than two million people have purchased the DVD, and more than 400,000
copies of the audio book have been sold as well.


naturally, the ideas in The Secret have created a discussion which continues to
evolve. The Amsterdam conference reflects the desire by many people to go deeper
into the concepts The Secret introduced.


This conference will examine
things like: the role of 'beingness' in the creative process, the law of
attraction, dealing with resistance, finding success in failure, creating simple
and effective solutions, thinking and non-thinking, creating good health, how to
make your subconscious work for you rather than against you, the latest
developments in brain research and brainwave training, financial literacy,
creating a life of ease, getting in alignment with your core values, and the
list goes on and on and on.


While fabulous speakers are part
of a great event, the most valuable part of these events is the opportunity to
connect with like-minded people.  As Joe Vitale pointed out:


"Sometimes I think networking is
more powerful than the actual presenters, because networking is when you meet
the presenters, you meet other attendees, that's when you get ideas from them,
you make relationships that lead to joint ventures, and so on. Also, when you go
to an event like this there is a mastermind effect. And the mastermind is when a
group of people get together, all to support each other in a goal. And when they
do there is a higher mind than just the collective group."

– Dr. Joe Vitale


More information on the 2007
THINK! Seminar in Amsterdam can be found at: