Thought is the most powerful tool for change that is in the possession of each one of us. It is a tool for positive action and attraction for which we hold the key. The philosophy of the Ancient Wisdom is brought to us through the White Eagle teachings which now follow:

"It is not only a matter of thinking what you want… that is only a small part of the picture. The real truth is that you wish to work with God to create harmony, beauty and healthfulness, holiness and happiness, not only for yourself but for all mankind. It is this motive of creative love which gives power and life to your thoughts and prayers.

Once we fully grasp the power of thought, we can use this power to shape our lives in beauty and harmony. We do not advocate "self first" as an incentive to right thinking, but rather emphasize that you desire to think rightly in order to help others and to be a more perfect instrument for the power of healing. But the law is so exact that it is impossible to send forth good, kind and constructive thought without receiving the like in return. Thus a double purpose is served when you can train yourself to think kindly and constructively. You simply cannot escape the result of your thoughts.

As you progress along your path it will become clear to you that what you think, you become; the vibrations you set up by your thoughts are making an impression on the ether. You register something on that higher ether, and thereby attract to yourself corresponding forces which create certain conditions in your life.

The basis of life is thought. Nevertheless, it is one thing to know about the power of thought, and quite another to put into operation this God-given power. Therefore, training in the right way to think is one of the first lessons which must be mastered on the spiritual path. The ancients who were admitted into the temples knew the vital necessity of this, and the idea was first inculcated into the pupil by the inscription over the doorway into the temple of the mysteries: "Man, know thyself; and thou shalt know God and the Universe."

How can we begin to make positive changes in ourselves and in our world?

We may choose to watch, very carefully, our reaction to the everyday incidents in our lives. Do we react with anger, frustration and general negativity? Do we react in a harmonious manner? How are we affecting our world?

"…The positive God-thought of one individual has greater power than the negative nebulous thought of 10,000 people. You have it in your own power to test the truth of our words. By your thought you can affect your own body and your own conditions and circumstances, and remold your life. You can see the power of thought stamped on the face of every man and woman and child you encounter. You can read the figure, the walk and gestures, the writing, the speech; what dwells inside a man is expressed in every breath he breathes, in every word and act. This is your world – but men and women do not realize this… Yes, war could be stopped instantly; the world could be changed instantly, by solid God-thought, by the majority of people.

Science is only on the outermost fringe of comprehension of the Power of Thought – thought can do anything in this world."



(Extracts from White Eagle teachings)

The White Eagle Lodge at St. John's Retreat Center is a place of spiritual refreshment, a place of learning and understanding… a place of inclusiveness … a place of brotherhood of all humankind. The recognition of the brotherhood of all life is very much a focus of the White Eagle Lodge. It is reflected in our love for people, for the earth and for animals. From the simple, but profound teachings of Jesus, we touch the wisdom of Buddha, Krishna and many of the great teachers; a re-statement of the Ancient Wisdom which has been given through many wise teachers throughout the ages and expressed in all true spiritual paths. It comes to us without judgment of any kind. A simple yet profound teaching, aimed at bringing to the earth a standard of life which is in harmony with infinite love. The White Eagle is the symbol of St. John the Divine. The Lodge began with a small group of men and women who met together to work towards the goal of bringing peace and brotherhood to all peoples. Not as impossible as you might think… and yes, it does depend exactly upon what you think!


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