One of the life lessons Dr. Norman Vincent Peale taught in his classic and best selling book, The Power of Positive Thinking, is: “Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously and never permit it to fade. Your mind will seek to develop this picture!”

What is your picture of success?

Does it mean to have a lot of money? A big house? A happy family? Good Health? All of us have different ideas about success, and the great thing about living in this day and age is that each of us really can have whatever it is we desire.

Spend a few moments today and write down your picture of success. Better yet, create a vision board or a photo montage of things you would like to have more of in your life.

How come I’m not there yet?

If you are not living the life you had imagined, what is holding you back? Are you completely clear about what you want? Do you have your goals in writing? Do you take daily action steps to reach those goals?

Studies have shown that people with clarity about what they want, combined with written goals, are far more likely to achieve the success they desire than those that do not. To get there even faster, combine that with small, consistent daily action steps.

What do you think about?

Brian Tracy teaches: “Perhaps one of the greatest discoveries in history is this simple truth: you become that which you think about most of the time. No one is smarter than you, no one is better than you, no one has more inborn talent than you. But successful people, at one point or another, set their minds on becoming that which they have now become.”

You are a unique and talented individual. You have what it takes to live a life that many only dream of. Review your goals every day and share them with people that care about you. Today is a good day to think about the things you do well and set your mind on the success you desire.

So, what DO you want?

When you take time to be grateful, you are opening the doors to more good things coming into your life. When you take time to praise yourself, you are building self confidence and personal strength. When you combine these two together, you can get a very clear picture of where your true interests and abilities are.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get paid for doing something you love? When you do that, you will discover that you never ‘have to work’ another day in your life.

How do I get there from here?

Every day, many things have the power and potential to affect your energy. When you take time to identify those things that drain your energy, you can eliminate them. That leaves you with both extra time and extra energy you can invest in developing and increasing those things that actually give you energy. When you combine all that marvelous extra energy with action steps, before you know it, you will be living the life of your dreams!

Make Your Life a Masterpiece!

Here’s some additional wisdom and advice from Brian Tracy: “Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do.” Wow! Pause here for a moment, close your eyes and imagine how wonderful your life will be with no limitations!

So – What is your picture of success? What do you want to have more of in your life? What is one of your goals that you can share with someone else to motivate you both to additional success? When will you do it?

Work happily and with a smile this month. Think good thoughts. Think of success, love and kindness. Think of all the marvelous and good things you already have in your life. Think of the many things you have done well. Picture living the life of your dreams.

Every day you have the opportunity to review and revise your thoughts. Small, simple, and consistent positive thoughts, gratitudes and praises reflected on with a smile every day will bring great satisfaction and marvelous rewards to you and those you meet.

Hope this quick review can be of some help to you. Today is a brand new day of abundance and opportunity. It is a good day to let go of limitations Look forward to building a successful life, filled with happy days and marvelous dreams come true!

About the Author:

John (“Dealey”) Carpenter Dealey, International MasterMind expert, entrepreneur, philanthropist, author and self-made millionaire, is dedicated to helping people reach goals and achieve their dreams. Visit his website at:

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