Beliefs can make ordinary people do extraordinary things, but holding on to limiting beliefs can also cripple the most talented of us.

Lately, I’ve been quite focused on understanding the power of belief and especially the power of limiting belief.

Have you ever wondered why is it that some people are able to achieve so much more out of their lives than others?

I mean why are some people able to produce such outstanding, even extraordinary results … far exceeding what is commonly expected, while others seem to stay stuck. It’s easy to cough it up to the fact that certain people have more resources, luck or knowledge than others, but the reality is that it’s quite irrelevant.

If you take a hard look at people who have achieved incredible things in life, it’s never about the “how”, but it’s always about the strength of their belief in what they were accomplishing.

Setting goals is the easiest thing you can do and most of us are happy to sit down in January and write out a list of goals we want to achieve. Reaching our goals is a whole different thing because along the way to getting to where we want to get we have to deal with our belief and deal with the internal language that can either fuel our goals or simply kill them.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to speak to a lot of people who have transcended their limiting beliefs to achieve massive success in their lives.

I’ve interviewed a woman whose father was a multi-millionaire, but she believed that she would never be able to earn more than $20,000 per year in her business. I also was able to learn from a man who had lived through 4 business bankruptcies by the age of 30 and it’s only when he started to look inside that he realized that his failures were due to his limiting beliefs.

The reality is that if you believe that you can become a millionaire, a CEO or a President, then that is what you will expect from yourself. On the other hand, if you believe that you will never have the capability to earn more than $40,000 a year, then that is what you will expect from yourself and that is exactly what will manifest in your life. If you believe that you can lead others, then you will expect to attain nothing less than a management position or perhaps you’ll put yourself in a position where you speak in public and motivate people with your message. If you believe that you are nothing more than a follower, then you will not expect anything more than being just a front line employee.

It’s that simple really!
Your beliefs will not only influence how you view yourself and your possibilities, but your belief will also drive the actions you take, and how much of your personal potential you will tap.

When you believe that something is possible, you will go all out to make it happen. You will take massive action and have the commitment to keep doing whatever it takes to achieve it.

As a result, you will tap into a lot of your personal potential.

As Henry Ford once said: “If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. Either way … you’re right!”

Now, I’m not saying any of this will be easy because there will be a lot of obstacles along the way that will shake and even shatter your belief in yourself and what you’re after in life, but holding on that that belief that you CAN will seriously impact of your chances of success.

The formula is quite simple:
Belief > Expectations > Action > Potential > Results

Your belief will determine your expectations in life which will influence the actions your take and you’ll either tap into your potential or sabotage your chances of success and all this in the end will give you the results you have in your life.

It’s a fairly simple formula that has a HUGE impact on your life once you understand the fundamentals and apply them.

In closing, I’ll leave you with a quote that I find incredibly powerful and that says it all when it comes to belief:

“Believe Big. The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief. Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success. Remember this, too! Big ideas and big plans are often easier -certainly no more difficult – than small ideas and small plans.” ~David J. Schwartz

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