There’s nothing like the feeling of curling up in a plush armchair in front of a roaring fireplace on a cold winter evening. You, a steaming cup of tea and a good…Sheet of stainless steel foil?

I came across an article recently that deals with what may well be the future of books, as we know them.

A company known as E Ink is working on a version of electronic paper – a thin film of stainless steel foil impregnated with tiny capsules full of minute particles of black and white pigment. These particles respond to electrical charges to form words and images on the film.

This electronic paper, or RadioPaper as the company calls it, is a little larger than a business card and about as thick as three sheets of paper. It can be rolled up and stored in a tube for easy transport. The contents displayed on the film can be downloaded via the Internet or over a wireless connection.

E Ink foresees the day that RadioPaper can replace the traditional newspaper, giving us an electronic newspaper that can be instantly updated, portable, environmentally friendly, and won’t leave black smudges on your fingertips!

If you’d like to read more about E Ink’s RadioPaper, check out this link:

I am particularly excited about the prospects of this electronic paper for the future of eBooks.

EBooks have always been touted for a number of valid reasons. Since they can be delivered electronically, the reader saves the cost of printing and shipping. Less printing means we can help save a few more trees. But one of the biggest drawbacks of eBooks is that most people do not want to sit in front of their computers to read. The advent of this type of technology may one day eliminate that disadvantage and make eBooks truly ubiquitous.

Now don’t get me wrong – I love the feel and smell of traditional printed books, too! I don’t believe we’ll ever completely replace the printed book. But the advantages of this type of technology will transform the newspaper and magazine industries and perhaps the book industry as well. Think of the potential of being able to carry a library worth of information on a thin film you can pull out of your pocket and read anytime. Think of the forests we can save!

As authors, we need to keep up with technology and utilize it to provide our readers with the best information and/or entertainment possible!

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