Business owners across any and every industry are constantly on the lookout for effective (and cheap) ways to market their products and services online. Looking beyond the inundated world of advertising many have found the email newsletters or ezines to be one of the best, inexpensive online sales tools.

Alexandria Brown, known as the Ezine Queen and Author of Boost Business with Your Own Ezine, is one of them. As one of the leading authorities on email publishing, she is a proud advocate of using the ezine to drive sales.

According to Alexandria, offering a free ezine is important because most people are surfing the net for information, not with the intent to buy something. She calls ezines the “bait”. If you can establish yourself as a credible source for information and build a large list of people who are interested in your information, you will create “built-in” buyers. Now, anytime you introduce new products and services you will market to an already-existing customer base.

Here Are the Ezine Queen’s 7 Reasons to Grow Your Business with Ezines Now

1. Ezines Make It Possible to Grow a Mailing List Full of Sales Leads.

By offering a free ezine, you make it possible to collect contact information from tons of current and prospective customers, allowing you to market to them all at once. In every issue of your ezine, you can share information about your products to a targeted audience you already know is interested in your service.

2. Ezines Provide an Effective Means for Promoting Your Products.

Ezines give you the opportunity to demonstrate how great your product is by sharing free examples of what you have to offer.

3. Ezines Help You Position You as an Expert in Your Niche.

Your subscribers will come to see you as an expert simply because you offer good information. Experts sell more and can charge more.

4. Ezines Help You Keep in Touch with Customers.

Ezines help you stay on the radar screen of every past, present and future customer. It’s your job to remind your customers that you are still in business. So keep yourself in front of your prospects so they think about you first when they are ready to buy.

5. Ezines Spread the Word About Your Business Effortlessly.

When you share quality information with your subscribers, they will forward that information to their friends, family and colleagues with just a click of the mouse.

6. Ezines Are an Ideal Way to Get Contact Information from Your Website Visitors

Most people visiting your website will not buy during the first visit. That means you should do anything you can to contact these prospects again. It takes several times for potential customers to see your message before they will take a chance and buy. An ezine gives customers a reason to stick around, and you the opportunity to continue marketing to them.

7. Ezines are Cheap and Easy to Publish

Ezines are easy to design and there are no printing or postage costs. Best of all, you can get your messages out much more quickly than traditional mailings.

Alexandria offers step-by-step tools to creating an ezine for your business in a new book from the Information Marketing Association. From developing ezine articles to navigating newsletter publishing tools, Alexandria shares everything she knows about creating a winning ezine. She is one of 12 information marketing experts featured in Start Your Own Information Marketing Business, an essential how-to for anyone interested in starting an information marketing business.

Start Your Own Information Marketing Business is now available in bookstores.

About the Author:

Robert Skrob, President of the Information Marketing Association teaches new entrepreneurs and small business owners how to build 6 and 7 figure income information marketing businesses simply by modeling top experts like Alexandria Brown. Now you can get his FREE Video revealing how 5 info-marketers easily created and marketed fast-selling products & how you can too. Get free access now at

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