Creativity is an essential ingredient in every lucrative
business. All humans have the ability to become great authors,
poets, artists musicians, business entrepreneurs, etc., so why
do most folks find it such a difficult task? Why do many people
say I could never be a writer or I could never aspire to run my
own business? And why do folks who do use their artistic skills
get discouraged when their efforts are rejected? We are what we
think, so if we believe we cannot succeed in our daily actions,
then for sure we will never get away from our perception of who
we think we are. This self defeating attitude was not of our
making. As we were growing up and maturing into adulthood, we
were indoctrinated with thousands of negative thoughts. This
gave us a belief that we are only a housewife or only a truck
driver. This limited vision of our role in life-gives us a
limited life. People the world over have great creativity. Once
we start to understand who we are and the reasons we exist, we
start to cultivate eloquent works of creativity.

The secret to excellent work is to enjoy with ecstatic
abandonment each action that creates something new. The pure joy
of the creation makes us a success, nothing else will. Those who
tell us we have to struggle and sweat have not grasped true
meaning in their lives. We need no approval of any human to be a
success. Life is to be enjoyed not endured. Joy brings true
meaning to life.


Now the next question to ask is what is Joy? What does Joy mean
and how do we achieve it? Look within – take time to silence the
mind and feel the texture of nothingness. Smell the perfume of
celestial splendor. Discover the sound of cosmic waves flowing
though our subconscious mind. Palpate infinity. Breath eternity.
Conceive the splendor of maturating into the essence of a
successful entrepreneurial artist. Be the color of your
customers requirements, become the landscape of the business,
live the adventure of success. Everything we do is inscribed in
our art of life. We just need to learn how to read the
instructions written within every cell and molecule of our
being. Each tissue and sinew bleeds muscular power of infinite,
majestic might. Fly on the wings of limitless mastery. Escape
the shrouded cocoon and become the enchanting butterfly. The
dreams of authentic reality are about to manifest a rainbow of
magical delights:—–: “Composed On Time”: —–: “Created in

Y-ourself — (THE GENIUS)


Michael levy was born in Manchester, England on the 6th March 1945.

After many life experiences and a successful business career he retired to Florida in 1992.

In 1998 Michael established Point of Life, Inc., as a vehicle to project his philosophy and spiritual understanding. The website and the associated newsletter (Point Of Life Global Newsletter) are visited and read by thousands of people around the world every month. Michael is a frequent speaker on radio, television(just a few examples UK; BBC, ITV4..USA; NBC, C-Span, ABC, Howard Stern Show) and he is now a host on Voice radio. He also holds frequent seminars sharing and discusses his views about the purpose of life, finding the peace and enjoyment that lead to a healthy, stress-free life.

In just a few years he has become a world renowned poet. In 2002 Michael was invited to become a member of the prestigious Templeton Speaker’s Bureau.

Michael Levy is the author four books What Is the Point, Minds of Blue Souls of Gold, Enjoy Yourself It’s Later Than You Think, and Invest with a Genius. Michael’s poetry and essays now grace many web sites, Journals and Magazines throughout the world.His philosophies have become a major source of Truth, Wisdom and Love for many people. Just one example from many…….. The Royal Collage of Psychiatry has recently published two of his works. He has recently become a host on the Point Of Life Show at Radio America.

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