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I was first introduced to the Chi Machine a few years ago at a conference on Mind-Body Medicine. I had never heard of it, so I tried it and immediately felt wonderful. It was just a beautiful sensation.

The Chi Machine works as you lay down on a mat or a firm surface. You put your ankles onto the footrest and it moves your legs from side to side. The movement feels very pleasant, but when it stops you feel an amazing flow of energy through your body that is very exhilarating. The Chi Machine has the effect of relaxing as well as energizing you at the same time.
Because of my positive initial experience with the Chi Machine, I now use it personally and in my practice.
I am an ophthalmologist so, of course people come to me about their eyes, but as a physician I always take a medical history. When I do, I learn about other health issues patients have that could be helped by the Chi Machine.

Using the Chi Machine is really very gratifying for me as a physician because it allows me to offer patients a solution to chronic conditions for which they have not been able to get relief otherwise.

The patients I recommend the Chi Machine to fall into two different groups.

The first group is composed of people who are healthy, but just want a way to increase energy, lose some pounds and inches, and decrease stress. It’s really superb for these health enhancement purposes.

I include myself in this category. I find that using the Chi Machine in the morning energizes me for the day. Then when I come home after a long day, I will get on the Chi Machine for about 20 minutes before dinner and it rejuvenates me. I sometimes use it again for 10 minutes just before I go to sleep. When I do, it puts me to sleep just beautifully. I enjoy using the Chi Machine so much that I take it with me when I travel.

In my practice, I also use the Chi Machine for health enhancement. I put all my Lasik patients on the Chi Machine to relax them before surgery. It takes them to an alpha level of relaxation, which makes their surgical experience more stress-free.

The second groups for whom I recommend the machine consist of patients with certain medical disorders. Using the Chi Machine has provided significant improvement for patients with a wide variety of conditions including chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, depression, obesity, arthritis, back and neck pain, muscular dystrophy, peripheral neuropathy and impaired peripheral circulation such as in diabetic patients.

The Chi Machine helps so many different conditions because it empowers the body to deal with whatever affects it.

I had a patient who began using the Chi Machine primarily to lose weight. He was losing about 3 pound a week and was delighted with that, but he also noticed a significant improvement in his psoriasis. Then he had an accident injuring his foot, which prevented him from using the Chi Machine for a few weeks. During that time the psoriasis got worse again. When his foot healed and he resumed using the Chi Machine, the psoriasis once again improved. It was clear the Chi Machine was having a positive effect on his psoriasis, which was an unexpected and additional benefit.

Much of the benefits derived from using the Chi Machine result from increased oxygen consumption.

The Chi Machine was invented by Dr. Shizuo Inoue, a Japanese physician and oxygen researcher. Dr. Inoue felt that many diseases resulted from the fact that we simply don’t get enough oxygen into our bodies. His many years of research led him to develop a mechanical device that could increase our oxygen intake; thus was born the Chi Machine. The Chi Machine stimulates the autonomic nervous system and one of the effects is that the bronchioles in the lungs open up, thereby increasing oxygen exchange. Consequently, the blood circulation has to increase to handle the additional oxygen.

One of my patients who benefited from this increased oxygen is Jennifer, a 31-year-old lady who came with her husband when he had Lasik surgery. When she saw her husband on the Chi Machine, she asked if she could try it. After she was on it for about 10 minutes she said: My breathing is so much better. The tremendous improvement in her breathing was significant because Jennifer has cystic fibrosis and carries with her an oxygen tank at all times. In fact, she is on the waiting list for a lung transplant.

A few days later Jennifer phoned to tell me that the improvement in her breathing continued after that one session on the Chi Machine. She also went to her doctor who did tests and told her that her oxygen levels were increased. Jennifer has been using a Chi Machine since then with great benefit.

The Chi Machine makes it possible for people to have better management over their health because they can use it on their own whenever they wish, as opposed to making an appointment, taking time off from work, and having to pay for treatments. It provides some independence in this regard.

I truly believe Dr. Inoue’s Chi Machine represents a major medical breakthrough. The Chi Machine is a significant health device, but it is not very well known because it is not from a large pharmaceutical company. If the Chi Machine were a pharmaceutical drug, it would be on the cover of Newsweek. Pharmaceutical companies would have their representatives coming around to doctors’ offices to tell them about the Chi Machine. However since that’s not the case, I am on a mission to bring the Chi Machine to the attention of other health care professionals as well as the public. I am grateful to Health Wealthy nWise Magazine for this opportunity to help spread the word about the amazing Chi Machine.

About the Author

Nathan L. Lipton, M.D., F.A.O.O is board-certified in Ophthalmology.
He completed his residency at the University of Toronto where he won the Woywitka Award for the Outstanding Resident. He has been in practice in Dallas, Texas since 1979 and has published numerous articles in professional journals. He specializes in Lasik Laser Vision Correction. His Ophthalmology practice is called Vision Wellness and Laser Center and he is also the Medical Director of The Harmony Center For Health Enhancement. He can be reached at

Vision Wellness and Laser Center
500 N. Coit Rd., # 2085
Richardson, Texas 75080
tel 972 699-0049
fax 972 699-0098

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