Terri Amos-Britt a spiritual coach and motivational speaker who tells it like she sees it and wastes no time in helping others clear up the emotional chaos in their lives. She is the author of The Enlightened Mom and Message Sent: Retrieving the Gift of Love as well as the co-author of Wake Up Women, a bestselling book by women for women. She is also the founder of The Enlightened Mom Global Healing Community as well as the co-founder of its parent company, Enlightened Family Institute, Inc.

TAMMY LAWMAN: When you guys came to us and said you wanted to talk about using the power of intention in healing your family, I said I absolutely love this topic. It’s something we haven’t covered in the whole series, and it’s such an important aspect of many of our listeners’ lives. I can guarantee you every one of them has a family in some form or another. Why don’t you tell us a little bit more about intention, what it means to you, how you use it, and how it’s worked in your life.

TERRI AMOS-BRITT: As I told you originally with this when I started becoming aware, I set an intention to be unconditional love. What I discovered over time is intention for me is my heart space. It’s not my head. It’s not my ego saying, “I have to achieve this,” or “I have to do that.” That’s what my ego used to do. “I have to do this. I have to do that.” It was all about seeking love and approval and wanting people to notice me.

As I started noticing myself and acknowledging myself, I got in touch with my heart. By getting in touch with my heart, I would be able to set an intention. This is what’s interesting. I hear people say to me all the time, “I set intentions. I ask for what I want and nothing happens.” A lot of times it’s coming from fear or from needing to control one’s life or other people.

It’s not coming from that space that I believe is a heart space where when this intention is manifested, it’s actually going to be a loving thing. It’s coming from a space of love and connectedness to your source. Of course, when I asked for unconditional love, that was really connected to my source. It can be many things. For instance, I’ll give you an example. When my daughters were younger, they used to fight.

The Law of Attraction says that everything around you is a mirror. I take it to another step and say it’s a mirror to what you believe you deserve. My girls would fight. Of course I would get in the middle of it because that’s what we moms tend to do sometimes. I would get in the middle of it, and then of course I was the bad mom because you can’t win with both sides.

If kids are fighting, you’re going to end up looking like you’re picking a favorite of one over the other. Then you end up losing all the time. I remember very clearly seeing my kids fighting and knowing that there was a mirror happening for me. They were showing me something about me because I was reacting to it, and it didn’t feel good in my life. It felt like I wanted to control it. Instead of getting in the middle of it as I had done, I stepped back.

What I did was I set an intention of releasing this need to control. I saw myself on the other side of this situation, allowing my kids to just go about their lives. If they needed to fight, I let them fight. I was peaceful and calm within it. I saw this. I visualized it, and I surrendered it. I allowed myself to just know the answer was going to show up. I take people through a process.

Through the Enlightened Mom work and through the classes I teach, I take them through a process to find the belief that kept them in that reactionary mode in the first place. For me, it’s talking to little Terri, the little girl inside of me. I went within, meditated, talked to her, and said, “What does this bring up for you? What is the belief? You’re watching these two kids fight, and you want to get in the middle of it.”

She said, “It’s not okay to fight.” That’s what she said to me. I said, “What do you mean it’s not okay to fight?” She said, “You can’t have that kind of opinion. You can’t have that kind of dissention. You have to agree all the time.” I said, “That’s baloney. That’s not true. This is a healthy place for them to learn how to find their voice.” I gave myself permission-which is key here-to move out of that belief and say, “That’s not the truth. The belief is that it’s okay.”

All of a sudden, I shifted, and my kids quit fighting. They just didn’t fight anymore. No longer did I need to have that mirror in my life showing me how I didn’t have permission to have a voice. I didn’t have permission. I wouldn’t debate or express my opinions because I believed it was bad. For me, a lot of times I express my opinions anyway because I have a big mouth, but then I would feel guilty about it.

What a gift my kids were to show me a limiting belief I had in my own life about having a voice. This is really interesting because just in that healing, in setting the intention, allowing the message to come and show up, not only did I heal myself and help my family shift, but I healed a big part of the blocking that was going on inside of me to be able to be a motivational speaker. That’s interesting, isn’t it?

TAMMY LAWMAN: That’s very, very interesting. You touched on something there that I think a lot of our audience, especially our female audience, can relate to, and that’s finding your own voice, expressing your opinion, and then feeling guilty about it. Can you expand a little bit on why in your work you’ve chosen to focus on women and specifically moms in your healing work?

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