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In this motivational speech, Lisa Nichols shares her own public speaking tips on how to gain self-confidence you’ve always wanted to capture an audience through storytelling.

In Lisa Nichols self introduction speech, she talks about the adversity she went through as a single mother in the U.S. She never gave up on her American dreams to give her son a better life.

In this inspirational video, Lisa Nichols talks about success motivation through the power of leadership skills.

08:44 Lisa’s Story of becoming a great speaker
14:11 Do what feels right
23:48 Always ask the “Why?”
30:03 Don’t be afraid to lose
40:50 Live in your dreams

By giving this motivational speech for success in life, Lisa Nichols encourages personal development by helping others become powerful communicators to achieve their hopes and dreams.

In this TED Talk on leadership with Lisa Nichols, she gives valuable advice on how to tell stories and focus on self improvement. If you’re looking for a leadership video, that is inspirational and talks about personal development, Lisa Nichols explains how to accomplish your hopes and dreams by conquering your fear of public speaking.

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Lisa Nichols is the CEO of Motivating the Masses, one of the top training and development companies in the world. She is a best-selling author and TV personality who has made appearances on CNN and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

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