Remember this. You were born to solve a problem for a person or a group of people.

“Mike, what do you mean? I’m struggling a bit, and I don’t see what you’re saying.”

Let me share with you something that has helped me greatly and that will help you, too.
For years, I didn’t take seriously the SOLUTION that my gifts, talents, and abilities solved. (Read that again.)

I really didn’t.

I helped people-and many I helped a lot-although I didn’t take seriously enough the impact I was having on others.

I look back at those times, and this ‘mindset’ hurt me greatly.


So many people today jump from ‘opportunity to opportunity’ and never follow their strengths and passions.

They never truly develop their gifts. Instead, they run after a quick buck… and they rarely find it.

Listen to me closely, because I wish someone gave me this advice years ago.

The BIG money will chase you down when you get PASSIONATE about the PROBLEM you were born to solve, and when you help others with your SOLUTION (your product or service).

People are in pain. Thousands, even millions, of people desperately need your SOLUTION.

They’re begging, hoping that your INNER FIRE gets stirred up and that you enter the marketplace aggressively.

The more you believe in your SOLUTION (your product or service), the more you have an ethical responsibility to sell, share, and market your product with great enthusiasm.
When your enthusiasm about your solution is just ‘okay’, it shows in your marketing and in your INCOME (low).

You have God-given gifts. Develop them.

Who can you encourage? Who can you coach? What do you love to do?

The more you take yourself and your SOLUTION seriously-meaning that you understand people desperately need what you offer to solve their problems-the greater your personal fulfillment and income will be.

You should be so obsessed with helping others solve this problem that you’ll do whatever it takes to reach people and to share what you have.

Everything was created to solve a problem.

Remember, you’re not here for everybody; just for somebody.

When you can tap into the POWER OF YOUR SOLUTION and start to share it, the universe will start tilting in your favor.

You’re a HERO to someone. Always remember that.

About the Author:

At the age of 19, Mike Litman’s dream was to create a platform that could positively influence hundreds of thousands, and one day millions, of people. Today, he’s a success coach with unrelenting energy and enthusiasm, giving his all to everything he does.

Mike hosts a life-changing personal success radio talk show, “The Mike Litman Show,” on which he interviews well-known CEOs, bestselling authors, famous speakers, and top entrepreneurs. He’s also co-authored Conversations With Millionaires: What Millionaires Do To Get Rich That You Never Learned About In School!, which hit number one on within 48 hours of its release.