“Manifesting is derived from Latin, essentially meaning to
reach through the veil,
into the realm of thoughts and ideas, and bring them into
–Robert G Allen

Sounds a little beyond reason doesn’t it? Or does it?

Last month we were able to uncover the evidence that life is
truly abundant. Life is abundant biologically, atomically,
technologically, and economically. If there is any limit, it is
solely in our creativity. The telephone was accepted as a
possibility because the telegraph had already shown how signal
could be carried through wire. Prior to radio, no one could have
imagined transmitting signal via the airwaves, much less the
creation of television. Now we are developing worldwide cellular
communications. When Jules Verne wrote “20,000 Leagues Under the
Sea” and “First Men in the Moon” they were considered fantasy,
not the genre we now call science fiction. Centuries earlier
Leonardo da Vinci conceived of flight being possible.

In every instance, every single object, tool, device, mechanism
you commonly use was at one time merely an idea, conjured in the
recesses of someone’s mind. At times those who expressed their
thoughts aloud were considered heretics, or even lunatics. The
point is that everything begins with a thought, an idea. Once
conceived, anything is a possibility. Jules Verne was not alive
when Neil Armstrong took his “One small step…” But he did see
the real possibility of it. Ever to your self, “Why didn’t I
think of that?” Precisely, you already know that thought creates.

Now the question becomes how can I make it reality for others
and myself? How does this basic abundance find expression? How
does one manifest the dreams of his or her heart?

There are three characteristics, three initial inner-tools to

  • Visualization
  • Action
  • Commitment

You have to begin with the idea, with the end in mind. Not some
random, ill-defined concept, but a vivid, you-can-touch-it,
visualization. Have you ever thought about why Disney
chose to call his theme park designers “Imagineers”? Imagination
plus engineering. That is the essence of manifesting. Disney was
the consummate manifestor, and a wonderful example of bringing
thoughts or ideas into reality. No had ever done of a full-
length, animated feature film until “Snow White”. No one had
built a theme park. In both cases, Disney was considered all but
loony (some even called him such). Aren’t you glad Walt didn’t
listen to the crowds around him?

Ever watch the PGA Tour live or on television? Have you
observed how many of the top professional golfers, just before
setting up to make their shot, they step behind the ball, look
at their target, and just stand there a few seconds? Looking at
their target then the ball. What you are observing is their
moment of focus in which they visualize what they are about to
accomplish: how the ball will fly, how far it will go, how it
will land, and finally where it will come to rest. Not that
other endeavors don’t use this process; it is just that golf
allows you to see the snapshot-moment in which it occurs.

There is a visualization exercise I was taught in the last
couple of years I’d like to walk you through. First read through
this, then put the article aside and try it. Close your eyes.
Slow your breathing to smooth full, unforced deep breaths. Feel
the calm permeate your body, your mind, your being. Choose a
singular thought- perhaps your favorite place for vacation. It
doesn’t matter the place or if you’ve been there recently, or if
it’s someplace you want to go and haven’t yet. Just pick a
place. How will you get there? Drive? Fly, and then drive?
Train? Ship? Sailboat? Can you hear the sounds on you journey?
What about the people around you? Many? Just a few? None? Is it
raining or is it bright and sunny? Is the temperature brisk or
warm? What are the smells? Are there trees? What kinds? Birds?
Animals? The more details you bring to this exercise, the more
you activate each of the five senses to create a real experience
of this, the more vivid your visualization becomes. And the more
vivid it is the more your mind accepts it.

To some this may be nothing more than fantasizing. The truth of
the matter is that unless something is created in thought first,
it does not become reality. Another tool to foster vivid
visualization is that of “story boarding”. When a film is being
developed, they story board it. This process includes rough
drawings placed in a general sequence and refined until they
have the overall plot down. It is then subdivided into segments
(scenes) to be shot on film to create the film. This story
boarding helps everyone participating in the creation of the
film have their input, yet is also the roadmap in making the
film a reality.

“Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children
of your soul;
the blue prints of your ultimate achievements.”
-Napoleon Hill

Many very successful individuals have their storyboards. When a
real estate developer goes to develop a property, he employs
someone to develop the concept. During this phase the owner and
architect will have drawn several schemes until one visual idea
captures what the owner has in mind. From that point on
beginning with the end in mind, the architects and engineers set
about to put all the elements to bring into being what the owner
originally had in his mind’s eye. On a personal level taking
pictures from brochures, magazines of places you want to go, the
type of house you want, the car you want to drive….all of these
activate your mind on a subconscious level. The result is the
even when you are sleeping the mind is still at work helping you
find ways to accomplish your vision, your goal.

The next characteristic is action. This may seem blatantly
obvious but without action, without taking the steps to actually
creating your idea, it won’t happen. Or even worse, someone else
may create it instead of you! Disney, Edison, Dell, and Trump
every one of them took action to create what they wanted.


Martin Luther King made an astute observation saying, “You do
not have to know what’s at the top of the stairs to take the
first step.” With the end in mind, all you have to do is start
walking in the direction of that vision. Everything in between
will take care of itself as you commit yourself to the goal.

Commitment: while the universe will support your
efforts, it will also test your commitment to your idea. How
badly do you want it? If you look at the lives of those who have
achieved much, regardless of field or industry, every single one
will tell you they were tested as to their resolve. It is the
difference between almost and YES!

“Press on: nothing in the world can take the place of
perseverance. Talent will not; nothing is more common than
unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; un-rewarded
genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is
full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone
are omnipotent.”

-Calvin Coolidge (1872 – 1933)

“In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the
stream always
wins – not through strength but by perseverance.”
– H. Jackson Brown
Author of “Life’s Little Instruction Book”

“One of the secrets of success is to refuse to let temporary
setbacks defeat us.”

-Mary Kay (1915-2001)
Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics

The key to bringing power to these characteristics is that of
your heart. Whatever your idea is it must totally captivate your
heart. It must stir up your passion, excite you beyond measure.
It must be a “why” unique to you, that lets you know that when
you’ve accomplished this you will not only have great success;
you will also have great contribution. Because “in the end what
we manifest is love.” What ever we create it will call upon the
best within us when it comes from the heart and creates more for
others around us.

“When your desires are strong enough you will appear to possess
superhuman powers to achieve.”
-Napoleon Hill

In his book, “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill lists several
characteristics of those who consistently succeed. Among them is
a burning desire.

“Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from
something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a

Muhammad Ali

“Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely
believe, and enthusiastically act upon…must inevitably come to

Paul J. Meyer, Writer

Vividly visualize what you want to accomplish, set yourself
about doing whatever it takes to get it done, don’t let set
backs make you quit, and go with all your heart. Like a friend
recently said, “Be like a stamp. Stick to it until you get where
you are going.”

“If you want to live like never before, dare your dreams in
their doing, Life’s Magic is yours.”

From Life’s Magic©