There are times when you are stressing and getting a huge headache. And you just do not know how to relax anymore. It is totally not good for your body and your mind. You should have to relax a bit; your body and your mind really need some rest to recover. Everything will go wrong when you are having too much stress on yourself.

Anti-stress music
Put in your MP3 player full of anti-stress music and choose peaceful, harmonious songs. If you listen to this, your brains make more corticotropin and that stops the production of the stress hormone adrenaline. Moreover, you produce more endorphins, which gives you a feeling of well-being.

First aid for stress
Which taste, smell, feel or sound will make you become completely relaxed? Take time to think about it and write it down. Fill your favorites (e.g. cookies, CDs, cream, perfume or candles, silk blouse) in a treasury or your “First aid kit for stress” and get that out if you just need to recharge the battery.

Singing out loud!
Burden of blues? Sing! It does not matter if it is pop, classical or singing out of tune like a madman. Singing supports the breathing, releases pent-up emotions and gives you a free and happy feeling.

It is all in the mind
Turn your morning shower into a mini meditation with mindfulness. Listen to the sound of the water, feel the water on your skin, follow that water drop on the wall all the way down and do not think anything else. Focus only on what you feel, see and hear, and all the stress seep away through the shower drain.

Me time = no time
Allow yourself to do nothing. Book some times for yourself a free moment or even a whole day in your agenda to spend undisturbed your time. Do only the things that you like and yes, why not take an afternoon nap? Such a recovery day gives you more energy than you think!

Going in the dark
Relaxing is easier in the dark. Close your eyes, place your palms out and immerse yourself in the darkness. After a minute or two to your over-stimulated brains will get relaxed and you can continue again with what you were doing.

Pressing with the thumbs
This is very useful in difficult conversations with your boss or job interviews. Press the thumb of one hand into the palm of your other hand. Pump up the pressure as you breathe in seven to ten seconds. Reduce the pressure as you exhale and repeat this three times. There will be no tension anymore.

Let it go
Go to sleep with an empty mind and in your head close the day off as a page in your diary. Overflow anything else and let it go. Look at what went well and enjoy that. And then accept that this day is in the past that you can not change things anymore. Now you can look forward to tomorrow and enjoy a healthy night.

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