What wouldn't you give to right now have that nagging pain in your back, arms, legs and shoulders suddenly just stop within a few minutes so you felt free to move in any direction — without pain? 70 Million American Suffer from Chronic Back Pain. What if we told you that with our 2000-year old health secrets, you will experience relief from that constant stiffness when you get up each morning and throughout the day? Wouldn't it be a new life for you to go from morning until night without any pain or discomfort?

Years ago my mother found that walking was becoming increasingly difficult. Finally she couldn't even get out of bed. Once very active, she became bedridden and couldn't even get up for the bathroom. My father is a well-known holistic doctor in India and repeatedly told her, "Take only my medicine!" So for years she faithfully drank lemon water and followed other instructions – yet her arthritis pain continued to worsen.

Eventually my mother decided to give our Ayurveda medicine a try. Today she regularly hikes in the Himalayas! The solution? We gave her a special diet, herbal supplements, some basic panchakarma (cleansing) treatments and home remedies. She followed the program with amazing results. It was really hard work with my mother – yet the outcome has been very powerful. Now even my father has changed his tune and says, "Whatever happens, don't stop taking HIS medicines!" He is 90 years old today and is also standing in queue for the herbs.

Recent USA studies show that arthritis-related numbers are increasing daily as Baby Boomers turn 65 and beyond. Did you know that the one hundred arthritis-related illnesses including Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Fibromyalgia have become the nation's leading cause of disability – including Juvenile Arthritis in Americans over age 15? We are here to let you know about something so highly effective that it will TAKE AWAY your pain, muscle spasms, numbness in your fingers, shoulder, aches in your legs, ligaments, neck – all the places in your body where you feel that terrible arthritic ache or pain from injuries past, present and even future!

The ways we all live and eat are helping create this worldwide arthritis epidemic. "Do you want to change your life?" If your answer is, "Yes!" then give these Ayurveda tools a try. If arthritis runs in your family, these tips can actually prevent you from developing this debilitating condition. Even if you are already experiencing arthritis symptoms, they can dramatically improve your well being and health. We want you to know that arthritis is reversible!

One woman at our Liberty New York Health Center had the beginnings of arthritis in her shoulders and knees. She had felt some twinges of joint pain and the pulse showed that this beginning condition would worsen quickly. We gave her herbal supplements for muscles and bones and a diet to use and she found an overall change. She had more energy and people noticed it to. They started asking her, "What are you taking? Your energy has changed completely! You are as spry as a woman 30 years younger!

The following Seven Remarkable Ayurveda Secrets have helped thousands throughout our 22-year Ayurveda practice who suffered from the discomfort, acute chronic pain and immobilizing stiffness of arthritis. They decrease toxicity build-up in your body – the root cause of all arthritic conditions. When VATA (the air element) increases and begins to accumulate in any or all of your joints, the trouble begins. Read on…


1. Take one teaspoon of Castor Oil every other night with warm ginger tea after the age of 50. If you already have joint trouble, then take this every evening.

2. Avoid heavy beans, wheat, fried food, red meat, and raw vegetables. Replace eating raw vegetables by drinking fresh juice made from salads, vegetables and fruits.

3. Eat a VATA PACIFYING DIET (please visit www.ayushakti-usa.com for complete diet) In addition, take lots of calcium-boosting foods such as at least two tablespoons of sesame seeds, Tahini or crushed sesame powder each day to fulfill your daily Calcium requirement.

4. If you have symptoms of AAMA (toxicity – like sluggishness, low energy, depression), fast on MUNG BEAN SOUP for 3-5 days. This will help you both short-term and long! (recipe appears on www.ayushakti-usa.com) The affects of this soup are miraculous! Spice it soup with ginger, coriander and cumin and watch the changes in your body.

5. Take a regular Sesame Oil Massage, rubbing the oil (with steam or in the shower) at least once a week over painful, stiff joints. Take oil with your meals. It's best to use olive and sesame oil.

6. Boil one potato chopped with its skin every morning in two cups of water. Reduce the water to one cup, filter it and drink with half a teaspoon of whole fenugreek seeds. (Fenugreek is helpful but optional…).

7. Spice your food with ginger, coriander, cumin, garlic, asafetida, clove, cinnamon, celery seed, thyme, oregano, olive oil, sesame oil and ghee on a daily basis.

One major key is to EAT SENSIBLY and you will feel better!

We have some wonderful herbal supplements like Sandhiyog and Rasnadi Guggul and an all-herbal liniment called Freedom Cream that help to ease joint stiffness and pain. Bonnie Nack is a 67-year-old yoga practitioner from California. Two years ago, she came to see us because her skin was tingling. She was stiff, her joints hurt and she felt blocked. She took the Arthritis herbs that we recommended for one year. Within one year, she felt so much better that she stopped taking them. Since then, she just keeps getting better and better. She recently wrote that she is physically and mentally different now, "I truly don't know where this has come from – except from Ayurveda!"

A dancer from India, Sailesh Gupta had been suffering from severe joint pain all over his body was a dancer. This was most distressing and he had tried allopathic, orthopedic and acupuncture treatments, but I had only very temporary mild relief. Someone suggested that he try Ayurveda treatment at our Ayushakti Ayurved Health Center. The diagnosis? Full-blown Arthritis with joint pain in every part of my body. She started to use Freedom Cream, had some panchakarma treatments such as Pindswed – and these all brought him great relief. After three months of these things and some dietary changes, the pain was over. Blessed relief! Now he can run, walk and dance once again.

We hope that you will give these simple yet highly effective Ayurveda tips and remedies a try! They can change your life – as they have for thousands of other people. Don't delay!


About the Author:To read more about Arthritis and Ayurveda, Smita Naram's book, Secrets of Natural Healing is available at (201) 767-1720. Pankaj Naram's USA Tour is coming in MAY-JUNE. To schedule a pulse evaluation or attend an AYURVEDA WORKSHOP, go to www.ayushakti-usa.com for more information!