Whoooaaa! Wait a minute! What did she say? Did she say I am supposed to be selfish? That selfish love is better than loving someone else first? Isn’t this backwards? I don’t know about this!!!

Right! That is what I am saying – that if we do not love ourselves wholly and completely FIRST, then we are not going to be capable of loving others as either we say we do or wish we did. Remember the words of the great Teacher Jesus, “Love your neighbor as yourself”? Well, how can you love your neighbor well if you are not loving yourself well first?

This is not an allegorical idea nor is it a theory to be read and then put aside. These words are the echo of your Divine Soul as it uses the Law of Attraction that literally runs our Universe to bring to you exactly that which you desire. Remember, the Law of Attraction tells us that what we are vibrating (that means what we are feeling) is what we are going to attract to ourselves. If we wish to feel the love of others, if we wish to experience the deep bond of love with another, we must first truly feel that love for ourselves within the very core of our being.

It might appear that this is a given – that it is easy. Think again – or should I say, feel again. How many times do you follow the yearning, the mystery of the key that is pulling at your heart to fulfill that which love for yourself tells you is true for you? How many times do you “sacrifice” yourself for another out of “love” for them when, in all reality, the action is more likely coming from fear of feeling guilty, retribution of some type or a plain and simple belief system that you have not taken the time to examine for its relevancy in your life? And what does it feel like after you have made that “sacrifice”? Do you really feel like you have acted out of love and feel complete, satisfied or is there that ever-present nagging resentment that sits quietly in the corner waiting for the perfect moment to assert itself?

I am asking you to be brutally honest with yourself here as we examine together the one most important question in your life: How much do you truly love yourself? Or it could be rephrased as: How much do you truly love yourSelf? It is very important to remember that we are all integral parts of Source Consciousness (read that “God”). As much as we love ourSelves, do we love It. (I use a capital “S” when I refer to our Godself rather than our egoic personality self.)

Let’s take a look at how this could show up in a typical life: Let’s say you are a mother in a family with a husband and two children. You spend your days caring for the family, cooking, cleaning and most likely, if you are the average American, holding an outside job of some type. It’s Tuesday and you have come home from work and your family is hungry, homework needs to be done and so does the laundry. You know that you have food to cook and you are tired – actually on your way to being downright cranky. If only you could order pizza out – in fact, have it delivered. And while it is on its way, you could sit down for a few moments and simply BE – alone, with yourself, for only 15 minutes. That would be enough to take a breath. Yet, you know there are expectations of you and you will fulfill them. So you do – you cook dinner, do the laundry and help with the homework, then fall exhausted into bed. The little resentment goblin in the corner is beginning to build up a head of steam yet sleep calls even louder.

How much of YOU did your family really receive? How much of YOU were you able to give them? We both know the answer – not much. Why? The love for yourself that would enable you to fill you (much like filling your checking account before writing a check) was not enabled. You put it aside due to your belief that your duty as mother and wife came first. Yet, that duty can’t come first if you really wish to BE with your family with your full attention. If you fulfill your own inner imperative that is calling you so loudly, then the duty is no longer a duty, it is a communion of love within the family structure. It is a wavelength of love that begins from your heart as the hub and includes all of the spokes of the family in the integrity of a perfect wheel – a circle.

Replay: You come home and announce to the family that tonight you need to take some time for yourself because you are feeling tired and it has been a long day. You call the pizza parlor and order the family favorites, tell them you would like it delivered and put the money on the table awaiting the pizza arrival. Children settled down to homework, husband watching TV or reading, you go to your room, close the door, put on some quiet music and BE with you, telling everyone to let you know when the pizza arrives. As you sit quietly (or take a bath!), you can feel the day drain away as you return to your Essential Self and allow the resources of your true Self to fill you for the remainder of the evening. You are loving yourself! You are loving yourSelf! And It is loving back!

This is the most important part – when we love ourselves, our Higher Self loves back and we can truly feel it. It feeds us, nourishes us, brings us to new heights of understanding, awareness and gives us the ability to be ever stronger in the Divine courage that is our natural heritage. It is literally tapping into our Divinity – which IS love.

I invite you to investigate this idea as one that you can adopt and adapt in your own life. It will change your reality as it creates a new resonance within the Law of Attraction to bring to you all of the love, nurturing and companionship that is so desirable in your life. It will enhance everything that you do and create a frequency that will not only carry you into a new perspective of life, it will change your life entirely – and, thus, the lives of all in your family, relationships and the world.

About the Author:

Toni Elizabeth Sar’h Petrinovich is a Master Teacher, mystic and quantum physicist with a ministerial doctorate in metaphysics. She is the owner of Sacred Spaces in the beautiful San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State where she conducts retreats and etheric readings for all those drawn to the authentic Self. She is the author of The Call – Awakening the Angelic Human and its accompanying CD, DNA Re-Awakening. Toni is also a direct channel for the Light Orbs who are the Guardians of the Soul and mankind’s capacity to love. www.sacredspaceswa.com www.angelichuman.com www.daughterofjesus.com email: sacred@anacortes.net