Meditation can improve your health, increase energy levels and
maximize your enjoyment of life. Without a doubt, more people
would benefit from meditation if they took the time to practice
the simple exercises used to calm the mind, reduce stress and
increase energy levels.

So What Is Meditation?


Meditation is a way to transform and heal ourselves. When we
meditate, we allow the swirl of ideas and thoughts to slow down
to the point where we find a calm and positive connection with
ourselves. Although there are many different ways to meditate,
all styles teach the directing of the attention in order to
re-connect with the part of yourself that is most real and most


Why We Need To Meditate


Unfortunately, we do not walk through the world as children do.
We all face difficult and stressful situations throughout the
course of life. But rather than beginning each day afresh, we
tend to gather the world and carry the negativity of the past
with us. The happy and contented person you were becomes covered
over by these emotions. Suddenly you feel unhappy and
dissatisfied, and even worse; often the process is so subtle, you
don't know why.

Meditation is a way of cutting through those layers of past
emotion and excessive thinking. Instead of our minds and bodies
being at the mercy of life, we take back control. We focus the
attention in a deliberate way, and slowly see the false layers of
ourselves begin to dissolve as we return once again to the source
of our happiness.

Although meditation is an ancient art dating back thousands of
years, modern scientific research now confirms what ancient
wisdom discovered long ago. Study after study shows that
meditation brings about improved perception, focus, memory and
creativity. Regular meditators are healthier, happier, more
relaxed, and more productive.


The True Purpose of Meditation


The seductive appeal of mystic visions, psychic intuition and
heightened mental functioning can be very alluring. While some
meditators report esoteric experiences, the experiences
themselves should not be the primary reason for practice.

The purpose of meditation is to transform the state of our hearts
and minds and bring us back to ourselves. As we become
healthier, happier and realize greater self-awareness, more
benefits begin to follow naturally — improved mental
functioning, greater intuition as well as greater access to
unconscious resources and abilities.


The Best Style of Meditation

Always keep an open mind in your learning. Never accept a
teaching without verifying the truth of it in your own
experience. On the other hand, reserve making judgment in
advance of having the experience for yourself.

The best style of meditation is the one that feels right for you.
There are many different systems of meditation including, but not
limited to Concentration, Mindfulness, Zen, Visualization and
Devotion. You may decide to experiment with a few different
styles and see how they feel. Find one or two styles that you
like and then major in those. Above all, pay attention to your
self and make sure your meditation feels right for you.


Make Meditation A Daily Practice

You can be stronger in your self. You can be happier, more
balanced and compassionate. You can manifest the changes you
truly want to see in your life through meditation. You don't
need to give up all your worldly passions or retreat to a
Himalayan monastery either!

A daily ten-minute practice can make all the difference. It's
not much time to dedicate when you consider all the time spent
caring for your physical appearance. After all, you wouldn’t go
out to an important meeting or social occasion without clean
clothes and brushing your teeth.

What about the mind and body — the instruments through which we
perceive and interact with reality? Does it not make sense to
take the time to clean up our attitude and the way we feel as

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