If Goal Setting, Affirmations, Self-Help Books, Visualization, Positive Thinking, Motivational Speakers and every other "Technique" self-help Gurus tell people what to do then why aren't they working for most people? Millions have done all these things but didn't get the results expected.

** WARNING ** What you are about to read will shatter conventional self-help theories that self-help gurus have been teaching for the past 75 + years. In fact what they are teaching is stunting or even permanently destroying your chance to be successful.


Joy, happiness and success is available to anyone but only if they follow the laws that govern all success.

A simple method exists for achieving success in life. It helps you identify a vital ingredient, the true, and root cause of all achievement in anything. Yet…even though it is so important it is regularly overlooked and mediocrity or outright failure are the automatic result.

This critical ingredient and method are not based on what countless experts and gurus have been teaching. They all pretty much serve up the same old philosophies based on goal setting, reading self-help books, doing daily affirmations and visualization, PMA, NLP, listening to motivational speakers and subliminal tapes, breaking boards, walking on hot coals, ad nauseaum.

These so-called "keys" to success have all been embraced by millions of people in the hope of finding happiness and success. Billions of dollars and untold millions of hours have been spent on seminars and books and tapes only to find they don't work like everyone thought they would. If all these things worked then why are people still searching?

There is a better, simpler way.

Are you smart enough to learn what someone is willing to teach you? Do you believe the information already exists that you need to know to achieve the success you want? If you answered yes to both of these then to achieve excellence in any area of life all that is needed is to put those two things together. That vital ingredient, which can only come from you, is the catalyst. Are excellence and success really that simple? Absolutely. And you will see why in a moment but first I want to dispel some myths.

Myth #1. Goal Setting is critical to our success. The reigning king of all success techniques is goal setting. We've all been taught that if we will write down our goals we'll be successful. And if we don't we won't. That's just not true. My research shows that 7 or 8 out of 10 things a person writes on a goal list never happens. Everyone has many goals they didn't finish and many they didn't even start on. Besides, we all accomplish many things everyday that weren't written down on paper. Simply stated, goal setting doesn't work.

Myth #2. Motivational speakers are important. How long did you stay motivated after hearing a great speaker? Most people say: "two weeks", "two days", "`till I got out of the parking lot". It's always a very short time. The conclusion that must be drawn is that, no matter how good they are, motivational speakers have no lasting affect.

Myth #3. Self-help books are what will make us all successful. How many do you have in your library? 2? 5? 20? 100? Just how many does it take? Have you read the book Think and Grow Rich? If you are like the vast majority, you got the "think" part down but the "grow rich" part didn't happen. If, after reading several self-help books, you still aren't achieving at the level you want should we draw the conclusion that either you just couldn't grasp the concepts being taught in the book or the books you read were full of misinformation. Of course neither of those is true. You are not dense nor, in most cases, is the information wrong. Something is just missing, that's all. It's the vital ingredient alluded to at the beginning of this article.

Myth #4. Daily affirmations make you successful. Do you like people to lie to you? Of course not. Then why is it okay to lie to yourself? It isn't. But that's exactly what the concept of daily affirmations asks you to do. Stating hundreds of times that you are out of debt or that you weigh 125 pounds or have an income of $10,000 a month or drive a Mercedes are all lies if they haven't happened yet. I have proven that repeating them over and over will not make them happen. Supposedly your subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between a truth and a lie. Even if that is true, your conscious mind sure does. Lying never works.

There are many more self-help myths hat exist which just don't work yet millions of people keep on doing them. Why? Because we have been told by some guru that these things are what we must do to excel and achieve success. We want success so badly we blindly accept whatever the guru says. When these precepts aren't working for us, we will either try the same thing again with renewed vigor or we throw more money into the next seminar or book.

What is this vital ingredient that must be present before excellence in anything can be achieved? Where is the switch to our God given power to do, have or become whatever we want that I call the Conquering Force? Where does the unstoppable drive and strength come from to do that which is unpleasant, hard or way out of our comfort zones? Where do we go to get enthusiasm and discipline? Where is the source of inner strength and self-motivation that keeps one hanging in there, persisting, constantly learning truths and being determined to make the necessary character and personality changes required for the level of excellence and success they want?

The answer is uncomplicated.

All these things come from true Core Desires©. That's the answer. A Core Desire is something you want so badly it pierces you to the core of your heart. When you accurately identify a Core Desire it automatically unleashes what I call the Conquering Force that is within all of us. This Conquering Force causes us to have the discipline and ability to overcome all obstacles in our way.

Many years ago Mark Twain identified a problem that is the crux of why people don't succeed. He said, "I can show anybody how to get what they want out of life. The problem is, I can't find anybody who can tell me what they want." More recently Earl Nightingale confirmed that. He said, "Today in America people can become whatever they want. Trouble is, most don't know what they want."

Most people don't know how to identify their Core Desires so their Conquering Force is unavailable. Without it they can not overcome the obstacles and barriers that are inevitable.

Desire is, indeed, the most important ingredient for excellence and success. It can't be a shallow, weak desire. It must be a genuine, deep longing. An old Welch proverb states that, "The hand will not reach for what the heart does not long for."

Everything we want in this life can be measured on a scale from 1 to 100. Core Desires are the100s. If the desire for the end result is a 70 on the scale we'll get 70% of the way there. Any obstacle that is bigger than the desire will stop us permanently just like a dam does water.

There are no barriers at 100 on the scale that can stop you. Any one who succeeds at anything does so because it is a Core Desire, at 100 on the scale…and for no other reason.

To drill down to your Core Desires ask yourself this simple question: What do I want that I am not getting? As soon as you state the answer then ask this question: If I had that what would it give me that I'm not getting? Keep asking, "what would that give me that I'm not getting." When you get to a "Core Desire" you will always have an emotional experience. You may feel joy. You may feel tremendous peace or assurance and have total confidence that you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. You may tear up or cry. You may just breathe a deep sigh signifying that, "Yes that's what I really want".

Once you discover a 100 on the scale you will then automatically be motivated from within to learn and do whatever is required. This is the source of discipline and enthusiasm. It also eliminates all procrastination.

Once you know your 100s, the easy part is finding the knowledge and mechanics of making it happen. The journey towards your Core Desires will be enjoyable and full of enthusiasm no matter how difficult it is.

If you are not getting the results you want, simply acknowledge that you just didn't want it badly enough. Rudyard Kipling, Nobel Prize winning author said it this way: "If you do not get what you want it is a sign that you did not seriously want it."

So kick off the rest of the year with this new understanding of what it really takes to achieve excellence in every area of life and you will be amazed at how much success and happiness will be yours in the year 2002 — and beyond. Identifying and focusing on your Core Desires never fails to bring about success. That is a fact of life you can take to the bank. Excellence is not "out there" in some technique. It is an "inside job".



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